Instagram Features for Influencer

8 Instagram Features that Every Influencer Should Use

Instagram is a platform that has evolved a lot since its launch in 2010. At the moment, it has a lot of interesting features that connect its users and encourage engagement between them. Some of the features are fun and creative, while others are ideal for businesses and influencers. Therefore, if you are trying to build a career on this platform, you need to be acquainted with all the features that are going to help you reach your goal. 

As an aspiring influencer, you need to buy Instagram followers, and automatic Instagram likes to start attracting more users to your account. Once you have accomplished that, you can call yourself an influencer and start closing deals with various brands. If you are successful on Instagram, you will enjoy a lucrative career. 

The features you are going to discover in this article will help you gain more followers. All of them are providing you with tools that encourage engagement and boost your account’s exposure.

1. Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account

The first feature that you must use as an influencer on Instagram is a business account. You can convert your account from the settings in just a few taps on your screen. This conversion comes with many perks as business account have access to insightful metrics, Instagram Shops, Ads, and even links on the Stories. When you first create your business account, you will be asked to fill in your information and also choose your category. For example, you can declare yourself as a blogger, a writer, or even any other thing that represents you.

2. Custom AR Filters

The next feature that you need to explore is the AR filters. The chances are that you are already using various filters that other users have created. If you want to make an extra effort that will eventually boost your exposure, then you can create an AR filter of your own. When a user downloads and uses your filter, your name will appear at the top of their Stories so that their followers will know. Apart from the aesthetic AR filters, you can also create some games and quizzes so that your followers download them to have a good time. 

3. Q&A Instagram Live

One of the most recent updates on Instagram has brought a new twist on the already famous Instagram Live. This new update allows you to do a live Q&A session. During your live, all of your viewers can ask you questions is a question sticker, which you can then pin to answer. This new feature is exceptionally helpful to influencers that receive tons of questions during their lives. By using it, they can highlight which question they are answering so that users know at any time what you are talking about. 

4. Professional Dashboard

Instagram’s professional dashboard is one of the most recent additions to the platform. Up until now, you only relied on the statistics that your business account was providing you with. This new professional dashboard is available to every user that has a business or creator account. In essence, it allows you to track your account’s growth and discover trends that are apparent in your performance. For example, you can check the result of the automatic Instagram likes that you have enabled. Moreover, Instagram provides you with tips and tricks to help you grow your account.  

5. Apply for Verifications

To grow your account, you can buy Instagram followers. Moreover, you can promote your content and hope that users will want to follow you. One of the things that motivate users to follow an account is the blue badge that indicated a verified account. This badge shows that you are a note-worthy personality that many other accounts and users want to imitate, thus making you worth following. Instagram has recently introduced a request for verification, where you apply for the blue badge. However, keep in mind that getting accepted for verification is very difficult.  

6. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a new and exciting feature that users are already loving. In essence, it is a feature that allows you to create short videos, edit them, and add some effects and music. The result reminds the content posted on Tik Tok. Many have already tried Reels, and you can find a lot of interesting videos on the platform. When you join the trend, remember to enable automatic Instagram likes to boost your content as soon as it becomes live. Instagram Reels are very competitive, and you need to make sure that yours stands out. 

7. New Story Stickers

You already know that Instagram Stories is the best place to encourage engagement. The various stickers allow you to ask questions, create polls, quizzes, and countdowns. Recently, Instagram has introduced various other stickers that will truly make your Stories engaging. For example, you can use the Food Orders sticker to shoutout to a local diner or the Stay Home sticker to help with the pandemic. Two other new stickers that are very interesting are the Challenge Me and the DM Me stickers that encourage your followers to contact you. In any case, don’t forget to buy Instagram followers to boost your account and increase the visibility of your Stories. 

8. Instagram Guides

Another feature that is ideal for influencers and users that have sponsorships with various brands is Instagram Guides. This feature is perfect for showcasing posts and products in a way that reminds an article or a blog post. For a Guide, you can upload new images or create collections of your existing posts. The important thing in a Guide is to carefully pick a theme that your followers will be interested in. When everything is ready, set automatic Instagram likes to bring attention to your posts.  

Whether you have used these features before or not, they are the best ones on the platform for every aspiring influencer. They are all designed to bring the best content to users and provide you with much-needed exposure. Of course, you should also buy Instagram followers to get your account to grow fast. 

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