How to Save a Mailbox from Baddie

How to Save a Mailbox from Baddies

Most of us have more than a single mailbox on various platforms. You can always get help regarding your corporate mailbox; just ask your system administrator. However, you should think about considering your personal e-mail. Who can help if some evil guys have got access to your personal e-mail account? Unfortunately, this mailbox stores important files/contacts, and there are no other copies of such documents? If you always used your e-mail through a web-interface, you cannot do anything, but if you connected through Outlook, like most smart users, some chances exist.

Here is a plan to save a lost mailbox:

  1. Open a local mailbox copy using a particular tool named Offline OST to PST Converter.
  2. Convert local data to a file of PST format
  3. Open .PST file in Microsoft Outlook 

However, when viewing it for the first time, the purpose could be unclear. Let me better explain why we need it.

Why Do We Convert OST to PST Format?

To answer this question, we need to understand the difference between these formats. In brief, the OST file represents a local mailbox copy from the server. However, it is not a copy that can be easily opened offline; it is mostly a sync file with an email service. In the case of email service inaccessibility, there is no way to open the OST file. Therefore, you still do not have access to email content. To get this access, you need to convert the OST file to PST.


Data conversion to PST format provides the following main advantage: a possibility to access email without any Internet connection. These baddies stolen your email password, blocked access and tech support refused to help you? That’s a problem, but not a catastrophe. You can convert OST to PST format and quickly open a PST file in the Outlook application. Yes, unfortunately, it will not permit restoring access to an online mailbox, but you may connect a PST file to a new account in Outlook and, at minimum, warn all contacts about a hack of your account, so they write to a new address.

I Do Not Quite Understand, Is It Difficult?

 Offline OST to PST

There is nothing complicated. The Offline OST to PST Converter program works with minimal user intervention; no parameters must configure the system. It works on any computer using OS Windows. The presence of Internet connectivity is needed to register the program only. It works very fast! Let us try to do it, to answer all questions thoroughly. See below for brief instructions, but I am sure it is not needed; all steps are intuitive.

  1. Download the OST to PST Converter program from 
  2. Install the tool (as I said above, it is allowed installing on any computer)
  3. Choose a file of OST format for further conversion.
  4. Choose the following: “Converter mode.”
  5. Start the processing of the selected file.
  6. Preview the results
  7. Save data into a new file of PST format, openable in Microsoft Outlook.

With this, registration is needed to save data only, i.e., at the last stage. You can simply look through the OST file’s contents, make sure it is openable and for free. Think again, maybe you do not need to pay? Just write down the most important contacts, warn them about a mailbox change, that is all.  

I Think It Is Expensive

I cannot agree with that, but I do agree that it could be cheaper! Just logic, a one-time service is less expensive than a permanent license. I do not know what is more convenient in this case; always have this tool installed or do a single conversion session, then forget about it. 

I Think It Is Expensive

Email issues occur not too often, so keeping Offline OST to PST Converter does not make sense; I would advise trying a single conversion session in many cases. That is all, most likely, you will never need it again. A one-time conversion is performed from and it can be performed from virtually any device, not only Windows. The only necessary condition is to have an Internet connection to upload a file in OST format. Of course, then you should be able to download a converted file of PST format and connect it to Outlook. The procedure looks as follows:

  1. Open the link
  2. Choose an OST file to upload to a remote server.
  3. Provide a valid email address
  4. Pay for the data service conversion.
  5. Download a converted file of PST format

You do not need to do anymore, except for one thing. You merely need to connect a recently converted file to the Outlook email client, provide new account details, and that is all; keep on working. To avoid similar issues in the future, just configure a reliable email password. It should minimize further incidents if it does not help if you have been bewitched! In this case, purchase a license for Offline OST to PST Converter and install this tool on a local PC; it seems you really need it.


Maybe, it is not the best way to protect oneself from hackers because it does not restore an email account control, but I cannot offer more. If a mailbox has already been stolen and support does not have any advice, its account is already compromised. I would advise creating a new one. It is safer and easier. A compromised account means that you should notify all contacts about it. You need the contents of the OST file precisely for this purpose. If you cannot do it, just imagine what would happen if somebody were to write to all your friends and relatives, asking to borrow some money. You cannot get back your mailbox, but you can still minimize the consequences of data compromise.

If you have already managed to resolve the issue, make appropriate conclusions, and avoid similar future problems. Besides a complicated password, difficult to guess, information security experts offer several measures aimed to protect your mailbox, operating system, and files stored locally or in the cloud. It could be complicated to remember all these measures, but I would advise you to do it. I hope you make everything correctly and your email remains safe.

Besides, except for the Offline OST to PST Converter tool, there is an excellent way to protect data and save it from destruction, regardless of the reason causing a threat. Just make a backup! There is no need to do it manually; a script or a unique tool can also do this task. Merely copy the most important files and documents to other media, do it regularly, and you will always be protected. The most vital thing is you will be protected absolutely for free because it is much easier to prevent an issue than fix its consequences. If you have not managed to avoid a problem, react ASAP. If you can warn all contacts about the issue using Offline OST to PST Converter, you have a chance to prevent harmful consequences. Dо it now, and you certainly will succeed in it all.

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