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Creating brand awareness and boosting social following and engagement has now become one of the biggest challenges for individuals and organizations. Especially when you are the owner of a small business, you have a hundred things to take care of – one of which is increasing social media followers as it can help you widen your reach and get your business going. Like other social media platforms, Instagram presence has become essential for both new and established firms and influencers. So, if you want to handle your Instagram presence successfully, try the best Instagram growth service – Kicksta! This brilliant tool will share your work burden and help you optimize your Instagram posting and boost your followers. 

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is one of the top tools for generating organic and real followers on Instagram, especially for start-ups or small businesses. People generally prioritize quality over quantity which might not be the case on social media. It’s difficult to have authentic followers who will engage with your content. Kicksta helps in achieving target audience, increase organic Instagram followers, and gain engagement. It is like an Instagram bot that will help you grow as a brand. In this article, we will review Kicksta, its efficacy, and limitations. The criteria used to review Kicksta are mentioned below:

1. Set Up


The setting up process is pretty simple. The first requirement is to have an Instagram account, its password, and who you want to target. Targeted accounts are essentially those who are your competitors. Then, Kicksta goes out and likes the posts of the followers of your competitors, who will then receive a notification post which they will go ahead and engage with your posts. Always, organic Instagram followers of your competitors might be yours too.

2. Key Feature

  • Breakdown of Information and Inputs

The best thing about Kicksta is its ability to break down information and inputs like which hashtags and targeted profiles are performing well. For instance: if you follow a hashtag that brings about results, Kicksta will bring that to your notice. Or, in case you are following those that are poorly performing or are experiencing a drop in engagement, Kicksta shall inform you that too. This feature is very productive and efficient for Instagram users who seek to increase their engagement and Instagram followers. The presence of exclamation marks near hashtags or any profile is an indication of a warning that their target is depleting. They recommend you to unfollow these targets and start aiming for new ones. They provide you with bar graphs that will let you know how your targeted accounts are performing. They let you manage your time by informing you who to focus on and who not.

  • Focused on Likes

The best part about Kicksta is that they are very focused and know what the customers want. They don’t essentially go around liking 1000 posts or following 500 accounts in a day. They are well-informed about the algorithms that exist on Instagram. They know what is required to look authentic and promote organic growth that will bring in real organic likes on your Instagram page. They don’t post content or comments on your behalf. They strictly refrain from it.

3. Pricing


They provide you with two pricing models from which you can choose. The first model is called “The Creative,” that has a modest cost at $49 per month. If you are just starting out, this is the best for you. This helps you target 10 accounts, check moderate growth on your account and get a video guide to help you get on board and started. The second model labeled “The Professional,” has a price range of $99 a month. Earlier, they had their price set at $149 a month. This premium plan helps you target people through additional information on demographic variables like gender or location, or even hashtags. It helps you in boosting your target and also provides live chat support.

In fact, Kicksta provides an offer for those who are in a quandary about committing, i.e., they offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not interested.

4. Kicksta Support

They have a brilliant customer support service. No matter what plan you choose, you will always have someone to assist you. Even though the creative plan doesn’t provide you with the live chat option, you still can contact via email, and they will respond to your queries. They also have tutorial videos that you can watch in case you require any help in getting started. Those using the Professional plan already have the extra bonus of a live chat option.

5. Legitimacy

It is legitimate. They never violate the privacy guidelines or sell the information and passwords. They are very easily accessible and have provisions when it comes to cancellation. Also, since they target niche audiences and have a like-only approach, they help you gain organic, legitimate followers who genuinely engage with your content and don’t unfollow you.

Pros and Cons of Kicksta

  • It is fairly easy to use and set up. 
  • They have a modest pricing range and also break down analytics for you. 
  • They intend on targeting niche accounts and hashtags. 
  • They have phenomenal customer support service and support multiple accounts.
  •  They don’t violate your privacy, neither do they post or comment on your behalf. 
  • It’s an automated service. 
  • Their live chat feature requires a professional plan, and they also don’t work with Instagram ads. 
  • They don’t have a feature to filter out your topics or interests that you might not want to target. 
  • There is also a risk while using any automated feature – Instagram might flag these features as spam. You may or may not face this issue. However, it’s up to you too. You can monitor your behavior since Kicksta doesn’t post or comment on your behalf.


Overall, Kicksta is a great Instagram tool. It gives you what you want. It actually helps in increasing organic Instagram followers and increasing Instagram engagement. They are reliable and safe. You can trust it.

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