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Digital Signage or sign boards, as some people call them, are fairly common nowadays. The chances are that you have come across one recently; they resemble TV screens located in public places such as restaurants, stores, gas stations, and more. They feature digital ads, food menus, and a lot more.

Digital signage is also known as “Digital Signboards,” are a type of electronic display with the ability to show digital video and images for different applications, including displaying menus, ads, information, and other messages.

Did you know that a Mac mini can be used as digital signage? The device’s screen can be transformed into a digital sign, through which businesses can display pre-scheduled content. Businesses can use this technology to show announcements, updates, alerts, listings, presentations, and more. 

To display content on digital signage, you will need a digital signboard player, which gives you computing control of your digital sign. A player is necessary because, without it, the sign won’t display any content. Players also increase the functionality of the Digital signboard.

Some digital Signage players also include internet connectivity that allows users to connect digital displays to a web-based content management system (CMS) for digital signage. Content can be stored, scheduled, or updated remotely. 

What Is Digital Signage Software?

A digital signage software is a program that allows owners to manage digital signage screens and content. It enables them to organize multiple screens into groups for easy manageability, create playlists, schedule content, and diagnose and repair playback issues remotely. 

What is LOOK Digital Signage service?

LOOK Digital Signage service

The LOOK Digital Signage service is a software solution that allows you to broadcast your content to any Android-based digital signage or screen. With this service, users can broadcast remotely from work, home, or anywhere else. You can select any content, including images, videos, and presentation slides, to be broadcasted. It empowers android device users to turn their smartphone or tablet into digital signage with a few clicks by installing Look app player on it right from the Google Play Store.

LOOK Digital Signage service can be used to manage different types of content, but it also allows users to manage multiple screens by grouping them together and adjusting their settings remotely through the web-based LOOK Content Manager and cloud-based server powered by Amazon.

Users are not limited to the number of groups and playlists they can create on the LOOK Digital Signage service, so managing a larger number of screens is more convenient and efficient.

LOOK Digital Signage service is ideal for the following industries:


Remotely manage your retail digital signage to get the most out of your traffic. Employ creative strategies that combine special offers with ad content to attract customer attention.  


Optimize the task of changing the board menu of your restaurant without leaving home or asking an employee through a well-managed digital signage. Use content to inform and entertain guests.


Enhance customer experience and reduce waiting time through the use of interactive service tools and keeping them informed about the latest financial trends, news, and forecasts. 


Strengthen your communication channel in your firm through digital signage. Increase employee engagement and motivation by broadcasting motivational content, business updates, announcements, and more.

LOOK Digital Signage service: Pros And Cons


  • Impressive range of features
  • Excellent customer support
  • Reasonable price plans
  • Reliable and easy-to-use software
  • Excellent for managing multiple screens
  • Offline-Mode available 
  • Fantastic for both small and large-scale businesses


  • Not available for macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc

LOOK Digital Signage service Features

Best 4K Support – LOOK is an excellent software if you want to display 4K resolution signage and content. 

Easy Screens Grouping – if you want to play the same scenario on several screens, then you can easily group screens with LOOK.

Conveniently Change Screen Settings – With LOOK, you can remotely change an orientation, reboot time, set sleep mode, and Configure other screen settings without any hassle.

An Excellent Selection of Widgets – to make your signage screens more attractive, LOOK offers you a range of widgets. You can add handy widgets, including weather updates, RSS streams, time or date, text or tickers, and images on top of your playlists.

Efficient Customer Support – LOOK is widely trusted for its 24/7 live chat customer support. 

Advanced Filtering And Tags – Due to this smart feature, you can quickly and easily find the required screen and content without wasting any time. 

Smart Inbuilt Statistics – LOOK provides downloadable inbuilt statistics for tracking content impressions within all of your playlists.

Effective Inbuilt Graphics Editor – LOOK eliminates the need of a separate graphics editor because it offers a highly effective inbuilt editor. The inbuilt graphics editor allows you to correct and select the size, color, and opacity of data fields, layers, and fonts. You can also edit the direction, position, and speed of the tickers. 

Smart Offline Mode – Unlike most of the digital signage software, LOOK normally plays the designated content even when the screens are not connected to the Internet. 

Efficient Smart Scheduling Features – With features like a 24-hour cycle, Lifetime and Playback Rules, and Calendar and Priority Content (Q4 2021), you can preplan your signage content and focus on other business tasks.

How Does LOOK Digital Signage Service Function? 

The following two ways steps will clearly define the basic functions of the LOOK Digital Signage service:

Step 1 – From any PC or tablet

Conveniently create playlists and manage single or multiple screens with the help of using LOOK Content Manager on any PC or tablet’s web browser.

Step 2 – To your single or a group of screens

After you have successfully created the playlists by adding all of the required content and carefully configuring the necessary settings, the playlist will automatically playback on the screen wherever you have located them.

LOOK Digital Signage Service Pricing Plans

Up to 55 GB$15per screen / month
Up to 1010 GB$13per screen / month
Up to 2015 GB$12per screen / month
Up to 5025 GB$10per screen / month
Up to 10050 GB$9per screen / month
Up to 200100 GB$8per screen / month
Up to 300100 GB$6per screen / month

*for yearly payments 10% discount is provided

LOOK Digital Signage service’s prices are reasonable compared to other signage player apps; however, if you are unsure about the efficiency of the LOOK app, you can always opt for its free basic plan.

LOOK Digital Signage Service Compatibility

LOOK Digital Signage Player app offers you the convenience to use this software on all Android SoC Displays, including Sony, Philips, ViewSonic, Sharp, etc. On different TV boxes, like Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi box, etc.

LOOK Digital Signage Service Customer Support?

Customer Support

One of the many reasons why LOOK is widely popular is its excellent customer support services. There 24/7 online chat service professional solutions to LOOK Digital Signage service app-related questions to both their current and prospect app users.

No matter what issue you are facing while testing in using the software, the professional customer support team always has multiple, easily applicable solutions. 

From its excellent online chat support, LOOK also offers ticket support LOOK also offers ticket support, and you usually get the ticket response within 24 hours.



LOOK Digital Signage service is widely trusted and recommended for a number of valid reasons that we attempted to share with you in this article. 

LOOK Digital Signage service offers maximum efficiency at a minimal cost. Thus it is a must-have software for your business. 

Have you used the LOOK Digital Signage service? Please share your experience in the comments section.

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