Combin vs AiGrow

Combin vs AiGrow

In today’s extremely competitive digital world, audiences’ low attention span is a major challenge. Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your content recognized and gain a consistent Instagram following. Today, every Instagrammer is on a mission to find ways to gain engagement on Instagram accounts, and that is where Instagram marketing tools come to the rescue! If you are someone who has constantly been looking for the best sites to buy Instagram followers, the chances are that you must’ve also faced confusion between top-ranking platforms like Combin and AiGrow. To make your selection easier, here is a comparison between Combin vs AiGrow. With this post, we aim to help you select the best Instagram marketing tool for your Instagram account. 


Combin vs AiGrow

Combin is an intelligent tool for skyrocketing your Instagram growth and helping you gain engagement on Instagram through genuine followers. The tool subtitles itself as an Instagram marketing and content planning solution. It takes care of attracting new Instagram followers by planning and scheduling content and auto-engaging with the audience. It is also considered one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers that add value to your account.

AiGrowth refers to itself as a reliable Instagram management service that can help grow Instagram followers, streamline Instagram account operations, and boost engagement as a result of advanced targeting. The tool boasts itself of being a complete package, but let us compare the tool with another competing application to know more. 


When it comes to the setup process of Combin, the procedure can be as complicated as other Instagram tools. Since Combin is a desktop application, you need to enter any email address (not necessarily of your IG account), accept the privacy policy, and then the tool starts downloading. The configuration post download is user-friendly, as you can continue after connecting your IG account.

The setup procedure of AiGrow is very simple and user-friendly. All you need is a name, email ID, and password to begin with the free trial and sign-up process. Besides English, Combin also available in Spanish and German language. Link your IG account and let the magic begin.


Combin allows users to search for posts and gain engagement on Instagram through location, hashtags, and name. You can connect with several of your target users through advanced targeting features. You can also analyze your growth and drop with the help of Combin; it will also help you determine the effectiveness of your content strategy. 

AiGrow has unlimited features when it comes to helping brands gain engagement on Instagram. The team understands that there are so many platforms claimed as the best sites to buy Instagram followers. However, the real value comes from targeted growth. Hence, they provide a number of features like auto-engaging to drive organic growth, scheduling posts, advanced targeting, etc. It targets audiences based on a number of parameters like hashtags, location, influencers, and usernames. One of its exceptional features is that it automatically unfollows accounts that don’t follow you back. It also provides a broad niche category such as fashion, nutrition, beauty, etc., to get accurate results. The ability to join over 300 engagement groups for free is another reason to sign up on AiGrow.


Customer Support

When it comes to maintenance, customer service, and support, both platforms do a decent job at it. Both Combin and AiGrow have a FAQ section that answers most of the important questions. Combin consists of systematically divided pages on their website that can brief you about the entire process: Guides, FAQs, and How-To. It also provides podcasts and masterclasses so people can know the in-depths of social media marketing. Other than this, AiGrowth and Combin have 24/7 live chat and email support so customers can seamlessly seek assistance. 


The plans and pricing for AiGrow can be quite expensive for startups and small businesses. It consists of a total of 4 pricing plans. The plans start with $99 monthly for a 12 months pro pack, moving forward to $109 monthly for 6 months Pro pack, $129 monthly for 3 months Pro pack, and $199 monthly for a pro-managed account. Both AiGrow and Combin provide free trials that you can utilize to your advantage to get a better idea. 

Combin has proved to be more affordable for a majority of users seeking Instagram automation services. Combin consists of three plans: Starter, personal, and business. The starter plan is free and is limited to 200 daily actions, 50 post search results, 25 user search results, and 1 Instagram account management. You can get the personal plan for $15 monthly for 1000 post search results, 1000 instant results for users, statistics, and unlimited in-app actions. If you upgrade to the Business plan for $30, you can manage 5 Instagram accounts and purchase options for 10 more accounts. 


After comparing the features and functionalities, we can see that AiGrow is clearly winning the race and several clients’ social media presence through its advanced features. So, if you are someone looking for the complete package to gain engagement on Instagram for your brand, AiGrow would probably be the best pick. However, if you are looking for more affordable pricing, Combin has the most competitive price plans, making it one of the best and the most affordable sites to buy Instagram followers through advanced targeting. You could always start with free trials to make a more informed decision.

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