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10 Best Tools to Create a YouTube Video Intro

There are many ways with which you can make your videos look more professional. One of the easiest ones is the creation of a video intro. Many creators choose to include a small animated introduction with upbeat music and their channel’s logo. This small clip shouldn’t exceed 10-15 seconds, and it should become easily recognizable by every user.

There are many ways with which you can create an effective intro that works for your audience. First of all, you can use any video editing tool and create a stop motion clip. Another option is to hire a professional that will quickly design a professional-looking intro. Lastly, you can use one of the many tools that let you create one quickly and easily. When you create an amazing video, you can use the below-mentioned tools to create a YouTube video Intro and boost your video and encourage engagement.

1. InVideo


InVideo is a tool that you can use for the creation of your intros and the rest of your videos. Like the other online tools, InVideo has a large library of templates so that you create intros for any YouTube niche. In addition to this, you can add your own elements and customize the template as much as you want. Lastly, you add your music, and your intro will be ready. With a great-looking video, you can hope of attracting many new subscribers.  

2. Place It

Place It

Place It is another application with which you can create beautiful intros with ease. This application offers you numerous templates to choose from. When you discover the one that fits the tone of your videos, then you can simply customize it with your logo and taglines. In addition to video intros, on Place It, you can also create Instagram stories, add effects, and create eye-catching transitions. A professionally looking video can stand out even more if you buy 50 YouTube likes from Stormviews.

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a tool that lets you create high-quality intros for your YouTube videos. This application has web and iOS versions so that you can use it on multiple devices. This application by the famous software developer is very easy to use, no matter your graphic design skills. First of all, you add all the media you need in your intro. Then, you choose one of the numerous available layouts; you customize it by adding text and choosing fonts. After this step, you add the music you want. With these steps, your intro will be completed quickly.

4. Filmora


Filmora is one of the more well-known and popular applications to create stunning visuals for your videos. It is a tool that will help you enhance your content with impressive effects that will grab your viewers’ attention. With this, you can have a professional intro in just a matter of minutes. One of its great advantages is that you don’t have to own graphic design skills as you can easily place all the effects you might need with drag and drop. Filmora lets you use it for free for a trial period.

5. Intro Cave

Intro Cave

Intro Cave works just like the other tools on this list. Namely, you create an account and start a new intro project. You browse one of the many templates that are divided into different categories and pick one that matches your niche and style. Then, you upload your YouTube channel’s logo and customize the fonts and colors. Then, you add your music, and you have a stunning intro in minutes. Furthermore, you can also create logos, end screens, outros, and any other screen you need for your videos.

6. Intro Brand

Intro Brand

Intro Brand creates beautiful and minimal intros for your YouTube videos. Because they are quite abstract, the intros match any type of video and any given niche. This way, you are sure to find a template that matches the tone of your channel. The process is simple and easy as you only need to pick a template and upload your logo. Once you have a stunning video, you can promote it on YouTube orther social platforms.

7. Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is an amazing application with great variety. In this tool, you will find professionally-looking templates of any possible style. Choose the one that fits the style you want for your channel and upload your logo. The only drawback is that you cannot further customize it. Nevertheless, the results are all impressive and are sure to capture your users’ attention.

8. Biteable


With Biteable, you can create amazing intros and outros for your YouTube content. The great benefit of this application is that you can use it on any device, from your computer to your tablet or your mobile phone. Moreover, the free version will also give you great results, just like the premium version will. In Biteable, you can choose one of the many templates or start from scratch. In any case, you will have your intro in a matter of minutes.

9. Ivipid


Ivipid is a great software that lets you get an amazing intro in a matter of minutes. This tool is very easy to use as you only need to pick a template and customize it. The result you will get from this application will be stunning, and you will manage to give a great impression to your viewers. When you upload your video, make sure that you buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost it.

10. Intro Maker

Intro Maker

Lastly, Intro Maker is one more tool with which you can create a beautiful intro for your YouTube videos. It is a simple tool that works in a similar way with the other applications on the list. 

A professional intro will attract more users as you will give the impression that you have invested a lot of effort and time. Make sure that you use one of the above tools for the best result. The further promotion of your videos becomes easier with Stormviews as you can buy YouTube likes and boost their engagement.

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