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Top 6 Free Video Mergers

Almost all phones nowadays have a video recording feature. Technological progress allowed everyone to create video clips. Videos can be more than just a short glimpse of memory. With videos, you can tell stories and express your inner artist. Besides, sometimes you need to put some clips together for a school or work project. Many people at least once in their lives face how to merge mp4 files or files in less popular formats.

If you’ve ever wondered how to merge videos, this article is for you. Not everyone has time to figure out how professional applications work. Apart from that, software like Adobe Premiere Pro can be too expensive and overstocked with instruments you will never need. It seems pointless to waste so much effort on the simple task of video merging. This article will explore the best six video merger tools that you can use for free.

5 Free Video Mergers

  • Fastreel
  • Filmora Video Editor
  • Clipchamp
  • Avidemux
  • MP4Tools
  • VSDC Free Video Editor

1. Fastreel

Fastreel is another great software to combine videos that you can use. This free video merging software does not need an installation. All operations happen in your web browser. If you do not like the idea of downloading desktop software on your PC, this tool might be a great choice for you. 

Pros and Cons of Fastreel

Fastreel is easy to work with, and it has a very pleasant-looking interface. All buttons are intuitive. This means that you do not need any specific skills to merge videos with Fastreel. The software operates online in any browser without installation. Thanks to cloud technologies, you can join videos in seconds. 

Fastreel has some cons as well. It offers only one export option in the most popular format. It is MP4. And the free version will not let you export the result in 720p resolution. There is also a watermark that can be removed only in the Premium version. Luckily, Fastreel has a Single Premium plan option, where you can export the video once without a watermark and in good quality. Fastreel is not perfect, but it is a decent video merger for an online tool. It also has other useful features. For example, you can reverse, rotate, free video loops, and add subtitles.

2. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is a popular video editing program for Windows and Mac. It also offers mobile applications for Android and iPhone. The software is designed for both beginners and semi-professional video creators. Filmora Video Editor is aimed at more advanced editing, making it possible to also merge photos and audios with your videos. 

Pros and Cons of Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor has many pros, which explains its high ratings. Most importantly, it supports all standard HD video formats. The list of supported formats includes MP4, AVI, FLV, M4V, 3GP, WMV, MOV, MKV, and more. It accepts many audio formats as well. Another bonus is its modern-looking intuitive interface. Filmora Video Editor is easy to interact with and compatible with many popular social platforms. For example, you can upload the video you made in Filmora to Youtube and Vimeo.

Filmora Video editor does not have many negative aspects. But the one that does stand out is the big watermark on every video. Even though the software is free, you have to pay to remove the watermark. Besides that, Filmora Video Editor is a great video merging tool. Apart from video joining, it offers features like video cropping, rotation, color tuning, and transitions. The software also allows you to add text and effects to the video.

3. Clipchamp


Clipchamp is a free online video editor that lets you merge videos with ease. This web-based video editor is ideal for those who don’t want to compromise computer storage by downloading and installing video editing software. Despite its simple interface, it offers advanced features for both beginners and experienced video creators. Clipchamp’s merging feature is very easy to use. Simply upload media files or choose from their huge stock library, drag and drop the clips onto the timeline, and the merged video is ready for export.

Pros and Cons of Clipchamp

When merging videos, you can rearrange the order of the videos simply by dragging and dropping them where you want them on the timelines. You can trim each video, add transitions to connect one clip to another, and even add music, captions, and AI voice overs to the merged video. You can export unlimited merged videos at 480p resolutions watermark-free. Regardless of the video, if the video is from AI text to video generator still you can apply all the features.

The downside to Clipchamp as a video merger is that you can only export videos in mp4 format. It’s only compatible with Windows PCs and accessible via Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers. The mobile version is only available for iOS devices at this time.

4. Avidemux


Avidemux is a simple video merger software for PC. It is available on Microsoft Windows, BSD, Mac OS X, and Linux. Even though some things in the interface might not be so obvious, once you figure them out, you will get the result you need in no time. If you do not understand something, Avidemux has an active forum to help you with your questions. Either way, the software is easy enough to work with. It is perfect for quick merging, and it does not require much space on your computer.

Pros and Cons of Avidemux

Firstly, let us talk about the positive aspects. Avidemux has a clean design and uncluttered interface. Nothing will distract you while you work on a task. The software supports MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, and MPG input formats. This means it can work with most modern videos. Avidemux is simple, quite fast, and can work with long videos. The good thing about this software is that the quality of your videos is not affected negatively after merging. Secondly, Avidemux has the following cons:

  • It may work incorrectly with some formats.
  • Sometimes you need to adjust export settings, relying mostly on yourself in that.
  • Big videos may take some time to import and export.

All in all, Avidemux is worth the try. Besides the merging feature, it also has video editing, cutting, filtering, and encoding tools. Another interesting thing about the capacity of Avidemux is that it can separate different voice tracks. This is impressive for such simple software.

5. MP4Tools


MP4Tools is an open-source project for Windows and Mac OS X. It consists of two tools, MP4Joiner and MP4Splitter. The first one merges two or more MP4 files into one video. The second one allows you to split MP4 files into multiple clips. 

Pros and Cons of MP4Tools

MP4Tools is completely free and does not add any watermarks to your video. It merges clips without reencoding. This means that the quality of your videos will stay the same after you merge them. The process is easy; you just need to add the clips and click the “join” button. MP4Tools works with both small and large files. It takes minutes to do things that Adobe Premiere Pro does in hours. The software does exactly what it was designed to do. So, there are almost no negative nuances. As said in the name, MP4Tools supports only MP4 format. It also can offer you to download unrelated applications during the installation, which you can easily decline.

6. VSDC Free Video Editor


VSDC is a free non-linear video editor for Windows. It is one of the most popular free alternatives to professional tools, like Vegas Pro or Final Cut Pro. This software allows you to merge and edit videos like a pro.

Pros and Cons of VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor supports MPG, MP4, AVI, MKV, SGP, FLV, and many other video input formats. It works with multiple audio and image formats as well. If you shoot videos on GoPro or drones, VSDC is the best option for you. The program can process and export videos in HD and 4K quality.

The free version of VSDC Video Editor does not have a watermark, but it limits some export and format options. Overall, the main minus of VSDC is its speed. Sometimes, you need to wait for hours to export a project if it is long and has many video clips. All in all, VSDC is a fully functional video editing software. You can crop and trim clips before merging and apply Instagram-like video filters. There is also a large variety of video effects. For example, you can use the green screen feature, color correction, and object transformation.

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