How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook

Often one comes across an engaging Facebook post worthy of sharing with all the people that follow you. However, sometimes the lack of share option can stop one from spreading the post further.

If you are wondering, where does the share button go, and why shareability is limited on some post, then today’s post will help you understand why and how you can ensure your posts are shareable to increase their engagement potential.

There can be multiple reasons why the share option might not be available on some Facebook posts, including yours and other people’s. Fortunately, this issue is easily fixable and can be rectified by you or the other Facebook user.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

Make a Facebook Post Shareable

Sometimes you will get a comment or a message from your follower or friend telling you that they are unable to share one of your posts, and they would like you to allow them to share. Then you can change your privacy settings to enable shareability.

Every small aspect of your Facebook profile is governed by the site’s privacy settings, from who can view your posts to commenting and sharing. Therefore, it is in your control who you allow to share your posts by tweaking the privacy settings of individual posts.

To make an individual post shareable, select the “Privacy” option located beside the time stamp of a post and then selecting either “Public” or “Friends.”

If you select “Friends,” your friends will be able to share the particular post, and by selecting “Public,” you will allow shareability to everyone who can view the post.

To make Facebook post shareable in the future, change your privacy settings by opening the drop-down menu in the top right corner of Facebook, and then going to the “Settings” and selecting “Privacy.”

Choose the “Who can see your future posts” option and choose either “Friends” or “Public” to make all future posts shareable by the selected audience. These settings can be changed any time by revisiting the Privacy options.

Why Is Facebook Post Shareability Important?

Facebook Post Share

If your Facebook friends, followers, or customers find your post engaging and relevant, they would be encouraged to share it with their family and friends, which will allow you to target potential customers.

According to the experts, people are more likely to share content that they relate with their social groups. Therefore, if you are a business or individual trying to establish yourself in the hyper-competitive world of Facebook marketing, don’t be afraid to ask your fans to like and share your posts.

Sharing Posts From Pages

Sharing Posts From Pages

Sharing posts from Facebook pages is relatively easy because Facebook pages are public. Hence most (if not all) of their posts are in public settings and shareable with anyone. You can share uncountable posts from countless Facebook pages in a day.

Sharing Posts From Groups


As compared to sharing posts from pages, sharing posts from groups can be trickier because public and private groups have different privacy settings. As the name explains, “Public” groups are publicly accessible; therefore, you can share the post on both with other members of Facebook and also nonmembers.

On the other hand, when it comes to private groups, you can only share posts with the fellow members of the group (in some cases, posts are completely non-shareable). If you wish to share a post from a private group, you can check the sharer’s profile and see if they have the same post on public sharing.

Sharing Posts From Friends

facebook friends

Sharing a post from your Facebook friends entirely depends on their privacy settings. If you do not see the “Share” option beneath their posts, they probably have a locked-down profile. The only way you can share their posts is to request them to change their post’s privacy to “Friends” or “Public.”

However, you can share the posts that your friends have shared from public groups and pages.

How To Share A Facebook Post?

Sharing a post from public groups, pages, and friends (limited posts) is as simple as clicking “Share” underneath the post, type your desired message (if any), and press “Share Now.” 

You also have the option to share/send that post on multiple platforms, including:

  • Share to Your Story
  • Share to a Page’s Story
  • Send in Messenger
  • Send in WhatsApp
  • Share to a Group
  • Share to a Page
  • And “More Options” that allow you to send the post via email, Bluetooth, Save to Drive, etc. 

Bonus – With the new Facebook features, you can now share public Facebook Stories to your stories and “Send it to friends,” and “Share to a page’s story.”

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Within recent years, Facebook has introduced several features that have made sharing more accessible. You can now share posts on multiple platforms, including WhatsApp. However, it is important to share posts from relevant/authentic/verified pages to ensure that you do not contribute to spreading misinformation.

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