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What is ASP.NET Machine Account & Should it be Deleted?

While it is natural to believe that the problem is the result of a virus, the new local account is really generated by a Microsoft software called.NET Framework. This capability is installed by default over most Windows machines and aids with language compatibility. As a result, the.NET Framework is required to operate numerous games and programs whose code must be examined by Windows.

Certain apps don’t work on a system in the absence of the .NET Framework. However, the program instantly generates an ASP NET machine account when the.NET Framework is downloaded and installed. Before generating an ASP NET machine account on Windows 7 and Windows 10, the application does not require user permission or request a password.

This account is set up as an admin account, and in some situations, the account needs a password to access it. The user account will not be removed, and the second account will be added to it. That means, even if the user can sign in with his/her account, he/she cannot sign in to the other ASP.NET account.

Should I Delete ASP.NET Machine Account?

It is usually advised that the user should uninstall the account immediately to guarantee protection for the device. However, if you are a software developer who knows how to work with it, you may opt to maintain it.

Many admin and password-secured user accounts need a password if they have to be removed. But you can uninstall this account without the password quickly via the Control Panel. A few approaches are available to get rid of the account. The two most easily understood are:

Method – 1: Reinstalling the .Net Framework

Follow the steps below to reinstall the .NET Framework and delete the machine account.

  1. Re-download it from the Microsoft official website
  2. Now run the .exe file. However, in certain cases, a message pop-up that it is already running, and you have the option of canceling or reinstalling the file.
  3. Select the reinstall option to fix the second Windows OS administrator account problem and password protection.
  4. Re-installation would delete the file’s misconfiguration and finally remove the ASP.NET machine account on your computer.
  5. Upon completion of the reinstall, restart the machine to verify if the problem remains.

You do not have to follow the next method if the issue is resolved.

Method – 2: Manually Delete ASP.NET Account  

You can also manually remove the User Account without entering the password. We will uninstall it using the control panel in this method. Follow the steps below;

  1. Go to Control Panel from the Start Menu
  2. Click on User Account and choose to Manage another account
  3. Select ASP.NET Machine and click on Delete this account
  4. Choose Delete Files and select the Delete account


ASP.Net is very important for running security software such as VPN. When you try to install some of the VPN’s Windows Software, they ask you to download the .NET file. So, it is highly important for all of us to get acquainted with this knowledge.

If this article has helped you understand ASP.Net and how to delete it, let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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