Razer’s New Barracuda Pro Gaming Headset

Razer’s New Barracuda Pro Gaming Headset

Razer released its Barracuda X gaming headset line back in 2021 and has now introduced two new options that will provide users with more options to choose from. These are the Barracuda and the Barracuda Pro. These headphones focus on dual wireless connectivity so that they can provide excellent sound quality. The wireless connectivity is 2.4 Hz via a USB-C dongle and Bluetooth. 

The Barracuda is a midrange set costing $159.99. The Pro is the top of a line product, which costs $249.99. The major difference between the two is that the Barracuda Pro has features such as active noise cancellation, leatherette ear pads, which are plusher, and a built-in THX Achromatic audio amplifier. This amplifier ensures that the sound delivered is much more powerful and accurate.

These headsets have a 50mm driver, which is significantly bigger than Barracuda X’s 40mm one. Additionally, Razer has replaced the detachable boom mic with beamforming microphones. These are much better in quality and also offer noise cancellation. This feature is a must-have in gaming headsets, where your voice must be crystal clear if you want to chat to other players or steam.

Razer has also added a SmartSwitch Dual Wireless feature, allowing you to connect the headset to two devices at once. To switch between the two, all you have to do is double-tap the dedicated button. 

Some extra features that the Barracuda Pro sports include bio-cellular drivers. These can help reduce the harmonic distortion and make the sound coming through them sound even more powerful and smooth. Additionally, the bigger drivers and dedicated amplifiers set the Barracuda Pro, in particular, apart from all the other gaming headsets on the market.

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