Is This the Best Automation Tool for Instagram?

Using automation software on social media for growing your brand and dealing with marketing is a necessity these days. There are too many publicly available resources to work with manually. You would be losing too much time and the focus on engagement with your potential customers.

Instagram is one of the social media where the success of a brand works the same way as of any influencer. Namely, by boosting your followers base and increasing your publicity.

Many of them get their fame by raising themselves from the bottom with the help of bots. They provide fake followers to gain more visibility from real users and make their accounts trendy among the Instagram community.

It might not be easy to choose the right tools for this job.  That is why we decided to pick one of the best tools in the market and discuss it in detail to see whether it is the best automation tool for Instagram.

What is GramDominator?

What is GramDominator?

GramDominator is an Instagram automation tool. Like any other tool of this kind, it provides essential features such as automatic follows, comments, likes, scheduled posting, and finding relevant users and trendy posts to engage with to increase your publicity.

The main goal of this tool is to unburden you from having to do all these things manually. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes your work comfortable and does not overly consume your time, energy, or attention. Especially, since you can manage as many accounts as you want by setting what you want to automate at once.

When you have all the annoying tiny tasks that still must be done out of your routine, you can focus more on the bigger picture and your general business strategy, where you can generate new ideas and evaluate how well they work.

GramDominator has six essential features that we are about to go through in detail. For a more thorough review of this tool, you can check the job done by Metrow, where all the pros and cons of using it are being discussed.

Follow module

This feature works by searching Instagram users to find ones that might have interest in your content and then automatically following them. When a user gets followed by someone, they might tend to refollow. 

The main focus of this feature is to raise your publicity among other users, either by being spotted that you are following someone or by being noticed by the ones that you follow.

Unfollow module

The unfollow module is the reverse function of the previous one. When users that you have followed didn’t follow you back, you are in no need to keep them and flood your feed with their content. You did all you can to get their attention, and if that was not enough, you are free to unfollow them.

GramDominator does that automatically to users that you have followed automatically and didn’t receive any return in a certain while.

Like module

This module works by finding high-quality images and automatically liking them. You no longer need to surf through Instagram looking for things to like. It will both provide more visibility for the liked image and to yourself by exposing your account among those that liked that image.

Of course, likes work the same way as follows – authors of those images might like your content back to show appreciation. Your overall exposure to other users will be significantly increased when you can be seen where lots of people gather to watch the content that you like.

Comment module

Comment module

This one works similarly to the previous one. GramDominator will find high-quality content that is currently trending and will put comments there. It is an even better way to attract attention to your account because comments are more visible than likes.

Post module

With this feature, you can schedule when you want your accounts to post images. It is especially useful if you need to engage with users from different time zones. You can plan your post far in the future and set the order so that you would not need to work on each post in real-time.

Repost module

Reposting is the feature that edits posts made by others and reposts them as your own. Of course, it is not original content, but there are lots of good ideas or ways of expressing them that are lurking all around the internet and are waiting to be used for promoting your brand.

However, with a good editing touch, that content can be converted into a quite innovative form that will attract certain attention that would not be gained from the original post.

Drawbacks to consider

Automation Tool for Instagram

One of the main drawbacks of using this automation tool is that it must be downloaded straight to your computer and must be used from there when your computer is running. You can’t use this bot as a browser extension or as a mobile application.

The other shortcoming is the same that is intrinsic to most bots. That is being prone to getting blocked. Instagram has a strict policy against using automation software, especially fake followers and likes. Using GramDominator might also attract unwanted attention that could result in an IP ban.

However, this issue can be solved by using proxies that allow you to disguise your IP address and make your bots work with different IP addresses. That would make it very difficult to track all the comments, likes, follows, and other things that are done automatically because they would have to be tracked naturally while tracking through an IP address would be impossible. 

Also, with proxies, you can unban your access to the site if it has already been blocked.


GramDominator is one of the best automation tools for Instagram. It has a few drawbacks that need some adjustments to make, but it will help you grow your brand on Instagram at a speed that would be unreachable by manual work.

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