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How to Form And Retain An Audience on Instagram: Tips For Beginners

You may want to blog on Instagram for a hundred different reasons: from trying to manage your business here, to simply wanting to have people who would support you through life. However, Insta has over 2 billion active users, which is impressive and scary at the same time. If you’re new here, you have very little chance of being noticed from the start, especially if you don’t have many acquaintances who already blog here and could share their audiences with you. This article is for people like this, and in it, we will give you several very important pieces of advice that will help you with going through the initial stage of starting a blog on IG. 

First of all, be you. This is the main piece of advice we could give, and it is the hardest to follow. Many newcomers decide to use popular people’s blogs as the blueprint to their blog and make a huge mistake there, “stealing” everything they see without even adapting it for their profile. Surely, you can take certain topics that people use in consideration; you can even look at the sequence of themes and formats that they’re using to diversify their blog, but in no case should you copy the texts or rewrite them yourself without much modification. The same applies to the visual – even if it seems that it is already impossible to create something unique and your own, it is worth trying. In the end, all we see around us is creativity inspired by someone else and repeated processing of old images.


The next thing is – stay in touch. If you’re a brand, it is especially applicable: people daily choose the brands to follow and the ones to forget. What do they use as their main guide? That’s right, the volume of a brand’s involvement in communicating with its audience. If you respond to comments and messages, if you regularly update information about your products and services, if you are looking for ways to develop your business and consult with your audience about this, you will always win in a confrontation with a larger rival who does not do this or does it insufficiently. Therefore, even if you have not yet managed to make one or several of your posts go viral, do not despair and continue to communicate with those subscribers that you already have. Trust us on this one; everything will come with time.

But what if there is no time, or you can’t even get the first hundred followers? This often happens when a person without connections tries to develop their account from scratch and is afraid to ask anyone for help. In such cases, there are several options: you can either try to “steal” the audience of your competitors using the methods of mutual subscription, or ask a bigger blog (or preferably several ones) for advertising, or buy Instagram followers. The best option is to combine all three methods so that you have an organically developed blog at the exit, which people from your niche will already know about (ads by bloggers will help here). It’s clear that mutual subscriptions and ads from bloggers are safe and efficient, but what about a chance to buy real Instagram followers? Can it bring any benefits, if the subs are virtually fake? 

In fact, the result will depend only on you, and on what quality of service you get. If it’s a practically free package of bots instead of subscribers, there’s nothing good about it: your account can get into the shadow ban on IG, and after that, no one will see your publications, except for these same fakes. But there are enough companies that sell real subscribers: they cooperate with real Insta users who are willing to subscribe to other people for a fee. This scheme has already helped many popular bloggers get their first hundreds and thousands of subscribers, and it can also help you just as well.

As you understand, there is no universal strategy that would lead you to one hundred percent successful account development: everything will depend solely on your desires, time, and money. But we would recommend not to ignore the opportunity to use paid services and think everything through from the very beginning – if the promotion looks natural and does not attract anyone’s negative attention, you will easily build your audience and be able to rely on a base of thousands of subscribers to attract new ones and keep their attention on yourself.

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