The Challenge - Why Ashley Mitchell Suddenly Left The Show

The Challenge – Why Ashley Mitchell Suddenly Left The Show

Despite being a part of MTV’s show The Challenge, participant Ashley Mitchell was missing before the elimination round, and fans are wondering where she has vanished to. Ashley was part of the challenge for up to nine seasons and has been an active player in the game. Since every move has always been recorded on camera, it’s a shock to the fans that her quitting hasn’t been captured and shown. So when Sapphire teammates didn’t have Ashley on the team without any indication, the internet went crazy. 

If you’re one of the confused fans wanting to know where Ashley vanished, keep scrolling!

What Happened on the Challenge?

Prior to the elimination round began, the host started by directing the attention toward Ashley’s absence. He spoke about Ashley no longer being on the show in the current season and how she had not abided by one of the rules. Lavin explained that Ashley had been deactivated and won’t be playing this season. 

On the other hand, Ashley addressed the sudden outrage by the fans over her sudden withdrawal with a very puzzling response. She expressed how she knew rules were broken and wanted to change her behavior so she could make a strong comeback for the upcoming seasons. Ashley also tweeted how she was unhappy with her actions and shared how she’s self-reflecting and taking anger management classes to get better. 

Ashley Mitchell’s POV

Ashley Mitchell’s POV

Even though the two-time champion had been removed and deactivated from the show, she expressed openly that her off-camera exchange with Josh Martinez and disqualification had affected her mentally. 

She came out and spoke on the topic in the Most Likely Two podcast in February 2023. The Challenge start didn’t go into depth about what happened, but she expressed how she hadn’t gotten over West Virginia and the Challenge incident. But she did tell how she had lashed out of angriness. She pointed out how her cast members knew what pushed her over the edge and used that to their advantage. 

Was it Ashley’s Anger that caused her Removal Or Something Else?

Nelson Thomas, who was also a part of the show The Challenge, highlighted in his Instagram Live where fans had questioned him what cooked between Mitchell and Martinez, to which he went in-depth and explained how both of them got into a massive shouting match. And amidst that argument, Ashley said some hurtful things that aren’t right and shouldn’t be said at all, even if the speaker is not in a great headspace and is going through something in their personal life. Nelson got into detail and said that Ashley had been drunk the night before and had lasting effects from the alcohol hence the wild behavior. Se had announced that Josh was gay, leading to everyone finding out. 

Her heated argument led to her throwing a cup toward Josh in front of the Production people, which is a BIG NO! He explained to the fans that when starting The Challenge and amongst all the rules, an important hard and fast rule is that no players can put their hands on their cast mates. If they fail to abide by this rule, they will be sent back home and deactivated from the show. Her silly actions had put people in a compromising position, and Production wasn’t happy with it at all. 

Many fans believe that it was Josh, Logan Sampedro, and Devin Walker who had complained to the Production department to get her fired. 

But if you’re wondering if something similar has happened before on the show, then yes, before The Challenge 37: Ashley Mitchell incident, there was another player Dee Nguyen who had commented something very racist regarding the social slogan Black Lives Matter, which led MTV to do hardcore editing to remove her from the show. 

However, Ashley Mitchell may be in a safe space because of her comment where she explicitly said See you next time and tagged The Challenge so fans know what it is linked with. This is the reason why fans are anxiously waiting for her to make her comeback soon!

Josh’s Response to All That Happened

During a live show of the Challenge Mania podcast, Josh Martinez addressed the situation by saying how he wished MTV and the production had shown the incident and how it was a missed opportunity, as many people can go through something similar even though he didn’t go into detail about the exchange between him and his cast mate Ashley Mitchell. He pointed out how she had brought something personal and stooped low. Josh also denied the rumors of him asking the producers to remove him from the show and how he was concerned for Ashley’s mental well-being. 

After all that happened, Josh did share how it was the most strenuous and most challenging thing he had to go through in The Challenge House. But he does hope that Ashley makes a comeback; he admits she’s fun to be around and is a good addition. He also pointed out that she was the current champion. 

Bottom Line

So if you have been wondering Why Ashley Mitchell left the show, then now you know all that happened off camera and what mistake did she make for the producers to cancel her for weekend. She may be a champion but going against the rules is prohibited in The Challenge, and she did exactly that!

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