The Google Pixel Fold May Have a Better Display Than Samsung’s Foldable Phone

The Google Pixel Fold May Have a Better Display Than Samsung’s Foldable Phone

Google seems to be ready to finally reveal its first-ever foldable phone. The rumors of this device have been circulating the internet for years, and soon, everyone will know whether or not the phone was worth the wait. However, till the phone and its specs are revealed, more and more rumors are popping up. The latest rumor suggests that the Pixel Fold will outshine the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold line in terms of its display.  

This rumor comes from Elec, who reveals that the Pixel Fold is expected to use a new type of OLED display, which won’t be available in many other foldable phones expected this year. This display is known as the M13 and will apparently succeed the current Samsung Display M12. However, even with Samsung’s own upcoming foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 won’t be shipping with this upgraded panel, making the Pixel Fold’s panel better.

It is reported that Samsung has decided to stick with its M12 display for the next Fold. This is the same display used in the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This means the Pixel Fold could get a significant leg up in an area where most foldable OEMs struggle. Recently, the biggest issue with foldable phones is the display, which is expectedly not as good as the ones on regular smartphones. It has become one of its downfalls and contributes to the low sales. However, the M13 display may be changing this narrative. 

It is important to note that no information has been released about the M13, so it is unclear what improvements it will bring to the table. However, customers won’t have to wait long because Google is expected to hold its huge I/O yearly event in May, where customers expect the company to reveal the Pixel Fold and give details about its specs. The Elec also reports that the Pixel Fold will likely not be up for sale until the second half of the year. This contradicts earlier rumors suggesting that the Fold will be available for purchase in June alongside the much anticipated Google Pixel 7a

Other leaks about the Google Pixel Fold suggest it will have a 7.6-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate and 1840 X 2208 resolution. 

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