Samsung S23’s Cameras Are About To Get Even Better

Samsung S23’s Cameras Are About To Get Even Better

Samsung’s latest S23 series has been facing a host of issues, including a very noticeable problem with its cameras. Users reported that their Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ were taking odd blurry photos. The users on the German forums of NotebookCheck detailed their experience and stated that when they took a photo using their phone and went to view it, some parts of the images were extremely out of focus. This issue was coined the “blurred banana” because the blurring always happened in a curved shape.

The blurred banana problem ranged from when users photographed text to typical photos. However, the issue was much more noticeable when the text was photographed, as only a curved blur-like pattern was seen in an otherwise completely in-focus image. This odd blurring image problem was not limited to the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+. It was also reported by S23 Ultra users. 

There is no explanation for this phenomenon, but one user commented on the forum that the blurring was due to the presence of field curvature and slight tilting of the camera in the new flagship series, causing the focus area to skew. This caused a curved blurry pattern to appear in photos. However, this is just a theory, and the exact reason for the blurry banana is still unknown. 

Another user suggested that the decentered lens could be the culprit. The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ both have a 50 MP triple camera, while the Galaxy S23 features a powerful 200MP shooter. Still, there is no evidence to suggest that these lenses are decentered and causing the blurring to occur. It is likely that users won’t have to wait too long for this issue to be fixed because a tweet from IceUniverse suggests that Samsung may be prepping for a massive update at the end of March.

Although the update is still a rumor, if it does happen, it will likely include some kind of camera optimization to help fix this issue. Users are hoping for multiple camera improvements to be included in this update, such as a better Night mode with decent photo quality. Samsung has not yet confirmed such an update, so users will have to wait and see. However, such updates are common following a big smartphone release.

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