New Rainbow Six Siege Makes a Nod to Reach

New Rainbow Six Siege Makes a Nod to Reach

The first Halo crossover brought the fabled Master Chief to Rainbow Six Siege back in September of 2023. Even though there was some doubt about the combination at first, it became quite popular. With Kelly-087 being added as a new option for Frost, the crossover is still going in a fun direction. In the end, there’s nothing wrong with a game that embraces fun, and Frost players may now make use of this cherished Spartan character in the game.

A Reddit member going by the handle Striking-Fan-7574 brought attention to an intriguing element in the most recent Halo crossover for Rainbow Six Siege and shared it with the community. Kelly-087’s shotgun has a small note that says, “Remember Reach,” on the side. This line appeared prominently in the Halo: Reach marketing campaign and was also shown as graffiti in the 2009 game Halo 3: ODST. Many players find great sentimental significance in it because it is closely linked to some of their favorite Halo titles. Its inclusion in the crossover of Rainbow Six Siege is probably going to make players feel nostalgic.

In the thread, a few observant gamers noticed that the shotgun portrayed is, in fact, the Oathsworn, which can be found in Halo 5: Guardians. It’s interesting to note that Halo 5’s Oathsworn shotgun also bears the “Remember Reach” phrase. This makes the crossover cooler by implying that the Reach reference in Rainbow Six Siege might have been inadvertently carried over from an earlier Halo game.

Some participants in the conversation also used the occasion to talk about other characters they hoped the Halo partnership would bring to Rainbow Six Siege. Among the names that were proposed were Emile and Noble Six from Halo: Reach, two characters that would fit in perfectly with one of the best tactical shooters out there right now.

With exciting crossovers, Rainbow Six Siege has consistently surprised players since its 2015 release. This approach offers a compelling way to draw in fans from other gaming brands while preserving the game’s appeal and originality. The director of Rainbow Six Siege has made recent remarks that point to Ubisoft’s dedication to making sure the game lasts a long time and a bright future. There isn’t much of a need for a sequel considering that it is one of the best tactical shooters, which leaves plenty of space for future development and crossover events. Players can therefore look forward to a plethora of fascinating partnerships in the years to come.

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