Among Us Character Guide - All You Need To Know

Among Us Character Guide – All You Need To Know

In 2020, Among Us became one of the year’s biggest successes. While the excitement associated with the game has subsided a little, it is still a hugely popular game with an intriguing, unique idea supported by the continued development of the game. 

If you’ve got a smartphone and a pulse, you’ve probably spent hours playing as the portly Among Us characters. But have you ever paused to ask who these quirky characters are? And what the heck are they doing out in space in the first place?

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the details about every single Among Us character here in this handy guide.

Is Among Us A Game?

Among Us is a multiplayer whodunit online game accessible on mobile (Android, iOS), PC, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft’s Xbox platforms. Innersloth, the game’s developer, published a new free map for the game called the Airship in March.

The premise is straightforward: players are placed into a broken spaceship and covertly designated to be either crew members or imposters. You must repair your spacecraft if you are a crew member. Your task as an impostor is to sabotage the spaceship and murder the crew members. Throughout each session, players gather to debate and decide on who they believe is the impostor. The mate who received the most ballots is ejected from the airlock.

Will the crew have enough time to repair the spacecraft or eject the impostors?

Clue meets Alien in Among Us, but with a cute graphic style and a creative social engineering perspective.

At the yearly Game Awards 2020 in December, the game won both Mobile Game of the Year as well as Best Multiplayer Game. It’s also an Editor’s Choice option in the Apple App Store. Its popularity skyrocketed after U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) played the game live on her Twitch Channel to over 435,000 people in October.

Which Maps Are Available In Among Us?

Which Maps Are Available In Among Us?

Let’s go over each map and the sequence in which they were originally released. According to Innersloth’s descriptions, the maps actually occur in chronological order within the timeline of Among Us.

  • The Skeld
  • Polus
  • The Airship

The name of the spacecraft is Skeld, on which we first encountered our daring space explorers. As previously stated, the crewmates are coming back home after a research journey.

MIRA HQ is depicted on the second chart. According to the patch notes, the Crewmates serve an organization named MIRA. However, it appears they have carried an impostor along for their journey home.

Polus is a distant study outpost where the crew believes Impostors have yet to arrive.

The airship is the game’s most extensive map and is modeled on the airship of the Toppat Clan from the Henry Stickman series. This map appears to have no bearing on the overall story of the Among Us world.

What Does the Crewmate Do in Among Us?

Among Us, lore is limited and nuanced, but we’ve uncovered a few interesting details about the crewmates as well as what they’re up to in space.

The Submit Scan job revealed that all of the crewmates are alike. This task shows that all of the crewmates are 3’6″ in height and weigh 92 lbs. Given the science-fiction scenario, this implies that the crewmates seem to be cloned or, to a certain extent, siblings.

Specific tasks indicate that perhaps the crewmates are returning from a research expedition. According to the game’s official description, gamers must collaborate “and return to civilization,” meaning they must return from whatever task they were on.

The second map of the game is placed in MIRA headquarters, indicating that the crewmates serve an organization named MIRA. We also learned from the Upload Data as well as Process Data tasks that these crew members are transporting objects and samples. This implies the crew is returning home with loot from a recent mission.

What are they researching? The file labels used in the Upload Data task indicate that the crew’s study involves alien specimens (e.g., specimen data.tiff, minerals data.dat) and geology. Bones and fossils are among the items they’ve brought on board.

What Does the Impostor Do in Among Us?

The impostor is described as an alien as well as a parasitic shapeshifter on the initial Innersloth website. Impostors appear to be indistinguishable from regular Crewmates at first glimpse. Still, their kill visuals reveal that what seems to be a spacesuit is essentially an extension of their physical bodies. The Crewmates devote the entire game to fleeing from impostors or trying to locate a place free of impostors.

One method to win as the impostor is to cut off air on The Skeld, implying that impostors do not require oxygen to survive.

Impostors have extraordinary perceptions. Impostors possess 1.5 times the visual range of normal Crewmates when playing on the default parameters. Furthermore, their eyesight is unaffected whenever the lights are turned off, allowing Impostors to see in the dark.

Impostors have an identical heart rate as ordinary Crewmates, according to vitals measurements on Polus and The Airship.

What are the Names of the Among Us characters?

What are the Names of the Among Us characters?

Crewmates are recognized by their colors rather than their names. At the moment of publication, there are 18 distinct colors in Among Us, 17 of which are selectable and one of which is not. Here is the complete collection of the available Color Names, along with their Color IDs:

  • Red color ID 0.
  • Blue – Color ID 1.
  • Green – Color ID 2:28.
  • Pink – Color IM 3R – Colour ID XI.
  • Orange – Color ID 4.
  • Green – Color ID 6; gray – Black – Black Color ID 6.
  • White – No color ID 7
  • Purple – Color-Code 8!
  • Brown – Color ID 9
  • Cyan. A black card includes a photo card for ten years.
  • Lime – Color ID 11
  • Maroon- Color ID 12:50.
  • Rose – Color ID 13; p.m.
  • Banana – Utilities 14 and 14 %.
  • Gray – Color ID 15:38.
  • Yen – Colors ID 16 & 16.
  • Coral – Color ID 17:5 o’clock.

This is due to the fundamental traits of each character. The same factors determine the appearance of their objects. A visored spacesuit, pairs of legs, as well as a backpack, are also needed.

It appears strange that the characters who emerge Among Us lack arms. This fate is revealed in the game due to a lack of information.

Although they’ve got arms, characters in Among Us occasionally show hands with four or five digits. When they perform acts, these hands appear.

Among Us, cosmetic pets will accompany the player around until they’re eventually killed or killed.

The usual Crewmate color is Fortegreen. All Crewmates start out as Fortegreen until they choose a color. You are unable to select Fortegreen as your color.

A tiebreaker vote between Olive and Coral was carried out in April 2021 to determine the new Among Us color. Coral was the winner and was added to the game. Olive is not a color available in Among Us, but pictures of it can be viewed online.

Among Us Characters – Explained

Red Among Us character

Red Among Us character

The most famous character in the game is the Red Among Us. At the same time, the Red Among Us character is frequently considered ‘sus,’ which could be due to Innersloth often showing red as the Impostor throughout most of the promotional campaigns.

Another reason is that people perceive red as a dangerous color, making them nervous. When sabotage or a dead crewmate is reported, Among Us displays red alerts, reinforcing the idea that Red is sus.

Judging from the promotional content published by Innersloth thus far, Red may be the true Impostor within the game’s canon lore.

Remember that the roles of the crewmates and impostors are allocated at random; therefore, you ought to avoid making assumptions centered on character color.

Green Among Us character

Green Among Us Character

Green, for some reason, is always reasonably sinister. It could be more suspenseful, but people are less inclined to trust green players. Indeed, based on color theory, there’s some deep psychological rationale behind this, but I wouldn’t be able to explain it. The gist is that if you want to play as green, expect others to doubt you more than usual. This may be the reason why green is one of the game’s least common color options.

Pink Among Us character


In contrast to the red character, other players could interpret the Among Us pink character as harmless because we identify pink with anything other than murder. Because no one detects pink throughout the game, he can work as a silent assassin.

Orange Among Us character

Orange Among Us character

Orange appears to be yet another crewmate who’s close to Cyan and Green. He appears opposite Green in the “Discuss!” icon after a crewmate summons an emergency meeting.

Orange is also shown being imprisoned in Security by the Impostor, who uses door sabotage. The Impostor later assassinates them.

Yellow Among Us character

yellow among us character

Yellow is the last primary color (or at least of the major ones, as various primary colors are available). If you enter a full lobby, it’s frequently one of the shades some people default to. Yellow, like blue, does not imply mistrust or innocence, so it is another neutral color.

Yellow also appears in a Christmas promotional content wearing an elf hat and cruising around with a jetpack.

Blue Among Us character

Blue among us character

The Blue Among Us character looks to be one of the most unremarkable and ordinary. Blue succeeds at being completely normal. He appears as a minor character in Among Us Logic 13 and 7.

Black Among Us character

Black Among Us character

As black is regarded as an ominous color, the Black Among Us character is also associated with mischief. Black was initially named “Gray” and can be seen in both the sabotage and vent action icons.

The character frequently appears as The Impostor in Among Us ads and the how-tos.

White Among Us character

White Among Us character

The in-game announcement icon features the White Among Us character carrying a megaphone to represent a public service message for the players. White was also the first character to be featured when the game’s redrawn art style was debuted.

White is typically associated with innocence and simplicity, but this does not appear to be the case in Among Us. Maybe other players perceive white as working too hard to seem innocent, which makes them suspicious.

Purple Among Us character

Purple Among Us character

Purple has featured in multiple promotional game pictures and is frequently among the crew members who are less suspected. Purple has appeared in promotional material for Among Us as a dead corpse, a harmless fixer, and a suspicious character.

In a Valentine’s Day promotional photo, purple is also depicted as a dead corpse, in which Lime appears as an impostor from a spaceship’s vents.

Brown Among Us character

Brown Among Us character

Brown is not among the most famous characters, ranking eleventh in the popularity polls. Understandably, brown seems to draw a lot of immature individuals with usernames that include poop jokes. Because it’s a popular pastime among children, you grow accustomed to it.

Brown, like blue and yellow, is relatively neutral regarding reliability. It’s worth mentioning that brown is such a dark color, so it can be difficult for players to spot you.

If they only catch a glimpse of you, they might confuse you for yet another similar hue like tan, black, or even maroon. Brown will appear friendly at times, rational at others, and toxic at others.

Cyan Among Us character

Cyan among us character

If we had to pick one color that seems to be accused more often for no apparent cause, it would be cyan. Something about it shouts suspicion. Cyan is a color that falls between green and blue, which is very ominous (pun intended). Why, for example, won’t it stick to one or the other? Sus. In all honesty, cyan does get booted out a lot, regardless of whether the player is blameless.

Despite this, it is a popular option and can typically be spotted in most lobbies.

Lime Among Us character

Lime Among Us character

If they’re not the imposter, the Lime character in Among Us begins to exit the game in rage. Lime is the least used shade in the game’s promotional material, appearing only twice. Meanwhile, the fake Crewmates in the Freeplay version cannot become Lime because it was subsequently introduced in a game update.

Maroon Among Us character


The first of the newer colors, maroon, was added in the June 2021 update, when lobby sizes were raised from a maximum of 10 to a maximum of 15. It’s a cross between brown and red but different enough from both that it shouldn’t be confused unless a player only sees a dash of maroon. Maroon is considered more believable than most, and they usually stay out of the spotlight unless they behave strangely.

Rose Among Us character


Rose, a paler hue of pink, is a welcome addition to the game. The softness of the shade conveys purity, as the rose is rarely the target of false accusations. In reality, rose players frequently get away with killing (literally) because some players have yet to adjust to the updated color names and will refer to this one as ‘pink’ in meetings.

However, no one would name regular pink ‘rose,’ so you wouldn’t have to face any negative consequences from people getting confused. Overall, it’s a solid option if you want to operate as an impostor. 

Banana Among Us character


We are still determining why they named this one a banana. A Banana is not a color; it is a fruit. And, sure, technically, you could assert the same about orange, but that’s not the case. Orange is a well-known color, but this is the first time anyone has ever called a shade of pale yellow a banana. It’s not the same color as the food; the banana character in Among Us is primarily beige with a hint of yellow. Aside from the confusion, this one ranks in the center of the pack in terms of popularity.

It’s a bit more sus than other shades, but like coral, it’s not so bad that you shouldn’t choose it.

Gray Among Us character

Gray Among Us character

Gray ranks as one of the least commonly picked colors, ranking 15th overall. Gray is an uncertain middling color whose term is considered a synonym for dullness. It is neither black nor white. However, if nuance is your thing, keep us from being the one to ruin it. We wholeheartedly support anyone who chooses gray frees up more acceptable shades for the rest of the players! Gray is just there in a lobby, and people don’t pay attention to them except when they’re acting clearly suspiciously.

They’re not mainly seen as trustworthy either, but then as long as you present a compelling case, color can only make so much of a difference. 

Tan Among Us character


Tan was part of the original colors during the game’s development but was removed at launch. Now it’s back in the lineup since the June 15 update in 2021, but according to Innersloth, it is the least popular color among players.

A paler shade of brown bears similarity to brown and gray and could be mistaken for either if someone only caught a brief glimpse of them.

Coral Among Us character

Coral among us character new color

Coral is an aesthetically appealing color that falls somewhere between red and pink. It’s also one of the most perplexing, resembling four distinct colors: red, rose, pink, and maroon. This may be why it ranks as one of the least preferred color options in the game, frequently being left behind after everybody customizes.

Among Us Beginner Guide

In Among Us, you can play as either a crewmate or an imposter, as well as how you handle each of those characters will affect how you experience the game. Basically, the crewmates must remain alive in order to discover who the imposter is, or the imposter must murder everyone on the ship without being discovered!

Among Us Crewmate Tips

Basically, your main goal as a crewmate is to finish what is required and remain alive, which is more difficult than it sounds because an imposter could appear around any corner or emerge from any vent, with the goal of killing every one of the crewmates. So, in order to complete your duties, keep the following tips in mind:

Stick to a group – We understand that this may not always be feasible, particularly when there are decreasing numbers of crewmates remaining, but as long as you can keep moving around with a couple of crewmates, the imposter is unlikely to be able to slay any of you. Avoid getting too close to one another to the point that you’re on top of each other and cause confusion if the imposter attacks.

Only Imposters Can Transport Through Use Vents – If you observe someone emerging from a vent, set up a meeting right away since only the imposter has access to the vents. Another way to tell if someone has made use of a vent is to look at the admin map. If you notice that someone has traveled a large distance in a short period of time, he may have used a vent.

Leave certain tasks until the end – Leave until the end for any tasks that demonstrate you completing them. One such task could be to finish medical scanning at Medbay. People will know for certain that you are indeed a crewmate if you complete this job. Other visible chores include clearing asteroids, emptying trash cans, and priming shields.

Discussion Behavior – Whenever a meeting is called, how you speak is an essential part of your role as a crewmate. Be wary of individuals who talk too much and blame others; this could lead to the imposter being accused. Be conscious that the imposter would most certainly have to lie in order to avoid detection; ensure that everyone’s narrative adds up. If you are unsure, you can always abstain from voting. If the vote is tied, no one is ejected in that round, and the game proceeds..

Even when you die you can be useful! – Even if the imposter kills you, you can still aid the remaining crewmates by completing their tasks even though you’re a ghost. You will be unable to communicate with them, nevertheless you’ll be able to communicate with other spirits.

Among Us Imposter Tips

Everyone’s favorite Among Us character in the game is the Imposter, but your deception skills will need to be on point if you want to murder every one of your crewmates without getting discovered and win the game! The odds are stacked against you, but it’s a wonderful experience to play as the imposter. Here are our top tips for playing as the imposter in Among Us.

Discussion Behavior – You can take two approaches that will work equally well as the imposter: say nothing or blame a sus candidate. If you decide not to talk and let the others speak for themselves, you may very well be able to place some blame on anyone who is claiming innocence or accusing someone else too firmly. You must be able to arouse suspicion in the group. 

If you discovered someone alone, or they caught you red-handed emerging from a vent or executing a kill, you’ll almost certainly need to blame that individual. Your skills at misdirection with a credible story will be tested when playing; it takes some practice to deceive without getting discovered, and that’s not exactly a nice skill to have, but it’s a skill you’ll need to thrive as the imposter in Among Us!

Take The Time You Need – You definitely don’t want to murder anyone right away; there might be way too many crew members for you to get a good chance; instead, try to blend in and appear to be occupied with tasks. If you move too quickly or are discovered using a vent, it might be game over!

Plan Your Kills -You can’t just kill all of them at once because there is a cooldown time after each kill. Your kills in the game must be carefully planned, in addition to an escape route out of the murder zone and a plausible alibi you’re able to tell your crew members to avoid being voted off. If there are no other people around, you could even convene a meeting after killing someone and simply claim that you found their corpse – a cheat trick, which does work occasionally!

Remember How The Tasks are Done – You won’t be able to perform any of the tasks as the imposter, but if you pretend to be doing a task at the time of the murder, you might be required to explain to the others what you were doing. Don’t get caught off guard here!

Pretend To Complete Tasks – People may begin to ponder what you are doing if you are roaming around aimlessly. One choice is to position yourself next to a control panel and pretend to complete a task when you are actually faking it!

Are Among Us Characters Controlled By AI?

Are Among Us Characters Controlled By AI?

In an Among Us game, the characters you play against are usually a blend of AI-controlled as well as other player controlled. Within the game, the characters can communicate with one another.

Are the Among Us characters human?

Most players believe that the Among Us Crew is entirely made up of humans, but this may not be the truth.

As previously stated, the Crewmates are all 3’6″ tall and measure 92 lbs in weight. That makes the Crewmates both shorter as well as lighter than the average adult human, though it doesn’t rule out the chance that they are human children and perhaps even dwarfs. The Crewmates could be genetically modified beings intended to perform research tasks because they are all physically identical.

To be sure, there isn’t much conclusive proof for or against the Crewmates in Among Us being human. Given our current understanding, we’re inclined to believe they’re not. Until we receive further information — or Innersloth responds to the query — we might never find out.

What happens after I die in Among Us? 

Once you perish in the game, you become a ghost, and ghosts are unable to communicate with other players, chat, or analyze who the imposter could be. The major difference in form is that they will not have legs and will instead have a ghost tail that is see-through.

Living figures are depicted as tiny, humanoid beings dressed in spacesuits. They don’t have limbs, have stubby legs, and the spacesuits hide what’s underneath. At times, characters will look to have four-fingered hands, such as during the killing scenes when slain by An Impostor. The reactor collapse UI, on the other hand, depicts a five-fingered palm being scanned. A tiny pack is also attached to the suit’s back.

If a player is killed in regular gameplay, they will become a ghost. Ghosts have the same appearance as the characters that are alive, except they have a ghostly tail instead of legs and are translucent. Their skin will not be shown beneath the character.

If the player is just a Crewmate, all characters’ titles will be displayed in white above their heads. If the player is designated as an impostor, all other impostors’ identities (including their own) will be highlighted in red.

If an Impostor murders a Crewmate, they will abandon a decapitated corpse with a small bone protruding out of it.

How Much Does Among Us Cost?

How Much Does Among Us Cost?

The cost of the game is determined by the device. Among Us is available for free to download and play on iOS and Android, but there are in-game purchases varying from $1.99 to $2.99 for stylistic add-ons like hats and pets. The smartphone versions also include advertisements that can be removed for $1.99.

The base game costs $4.99 on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with extra add-ons and bundles varying from $1.99 and as much as $15.49. The add-ons are various outfits and decorative bells and whistles that have no effect on actual gameplay or provide a competitive edge.

What should parents know about Among Us?

The game is entertaining. Seriously! Be prepared to laugh a lot if you’re attending a family gathering. Many parents have expressed their joy that there is at last a game that their children think is cool and isn’t highly inappropriate (or complex for the parents!).

When you use the free edition, Among Us gathers data (powered by Google) to serve ads. To remain private, you can utilize a Reliable VPN.

Among Us enables players to communicate with other participants from any location. Because of the public discussion, appin the App Stores must be downloaded by people at least 12 years old. The dangers are ALWAYS present where children are. As a result, anyone under the age of 12 should be watched at all times while playing.

If you and your child have strong digital trust, this app can be a lot of joy. Just keep in mind to teach them how to interact with strangers to prevent inappropriate conversation, and you as the parent must play it with them initially! Perhaps you will enjoy the game together?


As you can see, there are numerous colors to choose from, each with its benefits and disadvantages. However, the only thing you should consider is how much you like each color. You want to enjoy playing with your character, so finding the ideal customization for your preferences is critical.

On the other hand, keeping in mind any inherent issues with how others perceive you will help you play the game more tactically. We hope that this Among Us guide will help you excel at the game. Have fun! Please remember to share your favorite Among Us character colors and Among Us tips with the Reviewsed family.

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