The Galaxy S23 Ultra May Come With an Upgraded Camera and Night Mode Capabilities

The Galaxy S23 Ultra May Come With an Upgraded Camera and Night Mode Capabilities

With Samsung’s unveil event just around the corner, no one expected another leak. Still, recently, a pair of leaked Chinese promotional videos have made rounds on Twitter. These videos were tweeted by Ice universe, which claimed that they were promotional videos for the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its new and improved camera array. The clip was tweeted as a GIF, and the clip begins with the words ‘made for moonlight.’

This saying and three Os suggest that the new phone may have a triple camera setup and lowlight mode. Additionally, before the slip ended, the device’s cameras were highlighted again. The clip was followed by the word ‘sooon.’ The next clip began with the statement that read ‘megapixels that’ll make you say ‘wooow.’ These statements suggest that there may be an upgrade to the camera sensors, allowing them to have a better photo resolution.

This feature is not new because the Galaxy S22 Ultra also features a night mode that allows users to take high-quality shots even in low light. When you open the camera in a low light setting, the device automatically detects it and switches to that mode. However, this was not possible if there was light shining behind you. Many customers expect the night mode on the Galaxy S23 Ultra to be much better in comparison. 

Regarding the cameras on the Ultra models, some rumors suggest that the primary shooter will be a 200MP one, allowing it to take better pictures than ever before. It will also be a significant update from the previous 108MP one. In addition, the phone will also allow a 10MP periscope telephoto lens and a 10MP telephoto lens. These will enable you to take 10x and 3x zoom images, respectively. The triple camera array will also include a 12MP ultra-wide angle lens.

On the inside, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will likely have Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, allowing you to use the 200MP camera to its full potential. Customers don’t have to wait too long for the release. Rumors and leaked images suggest that Samsung will be holding the official event on February 1st, which is only a few weeks away.

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