Steam’s New Mobile App

Steam’s New Mobile App Gets a Much-Needed Upgrade

Valve has finally decided to give the Steam app some much-needed updates. These updates included the Android and the iOS app and the standalone APK. Some of the major changes include improvements in the underlying framework and UI and some new features. 

Steam claims to have completely revamped the Steam Mobile app and has added new features while keeping old ones. You can still get Steam Guard codes, browse the store, confirm trades, etc. However, you can now scan QR codes for PC sign-ins, a new library view with customized tabs and remote downloads, and even smarter notifications.

Steam users can now also log into multiple accounts using their mobile app and manage their device access as well. This feature is beneficial in case you are still logged on to stolen devices or get hacked.

Using the app, you can now download Steam games onto your phones. This feature is handy as you don’t have to be at home to purchase and download games. You can simply do so when you are out and when you return, your game will be downloaded and ready for you to play. 

The design changes are also pretty noticeable. The UI looks much more modern and sleek, with the graphics looking much cleaner and less like the 90s HTML feel it previously had. One of the biggest improvements was the ability to use a QR code to log in. This feature allows you to log in to other devices and share your library. 

It is also perfect for those who cannot remember their password and don’t want to go through the tedious process of resetting their password each time. It completely eliminates the need to enter your username, password, and Steam Guard code.

When you sign in using a QR code, the Steam app will display a confirmation page, map, and geolocation of your device. This method helps Steam verify that you are the account owner and not a hacker. 

Some users did find some glitches in the app, which take you to the top of the list. However, this issue can be easily fixed with future updates. 

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