Canada Bans All Huawei Equipment from their 5G Networks

Canada Bans All Huawei Equipment from their 5G Networks

The Canadian government, taking into account national security concerns, stated that the suppliers of equipment from these companies could possibly be forced to comply with directions given by the foreign governments. Additionally, these directions could conflict with Canadian law. Therefore, they may be extremely detrimental to the interests of Canada. 

There will be a ban placed on Telecos from obtaining new 5G, and even 4G devices from Huawei and ZTE branded companies. This ban could happen by September of this year. Additionally, all equipment from these brands that use 5G have to be removed by June 28th, 2024. The devices on the 4G network are to be removed by the end of 2027, so they have a bit more time. 

The Canadian government has taken these steps to help maximize the social and economic benefits that come alongside 5G. However, they have made it abundantly clear with the ban of Huawei and ZTE equipments that national security comes first


After banning Huwaei and ZTE equipment, Canada has become the latest member of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. These countries have restricted using both; Huawei and ZTE devices in their communication network. The US telcos have already done so, and the United States is spending a huge sum of money to remove and replace pieces of equipment currently in use in their networks. The United Kingdom had also banned Huwaei equipment back in 2020 and announced that all devices must be removed by 2027. Other countries in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance include Australia and New Zealand.

The main concern behind the use of equipment by Huawei and ZTE is the Chinese National Intelligence Law, which according to experts, can be used by Chinese organizations to make citizens cooperate with state intelligence work. Therefore, Chinese tech companies like Huawei and ZTE can be forced to hand over sensitive information to the Chinese government. 

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