Twitter Update to Make Using the App Easier

Twitter Update to Make Using the App Easier

The new Twitter update marks the launch of the feature that third-party developers have been waiting for from the API v2 interface. This interface allows the developers to get data from Twitter. The new API v2 features also allow third-party developers access to retrieve recent tweets and retweets by accounts they follow. Therefore, the developers can access all the tweets you see on your Latest Tweets option and display those tweets on their app instead. 

This feature helps increase the usability of third-party apps and helps make them a lot more responsive to their users. The API v2 update was a long-awaited update since twitter had been using the old API v1.1 since 2012. With the old version, you could only request the home timeline fifteen times in fifteen minutes. Therefore, the tweets you would see on a third party would not technically be the latest. Furthermore, the old API could only retrieve 800 tweets. The new API v2 is able to support 180 requests in the same time frame. Additionally, it can retrieve a massive 3200 tweets.  

For third-party developers, everything has become a lot easier, and they can retrieve data in a single step. This update is how Twitter is making amends with third-party developers as previously it had tried to make the app exclusive to the first-party app. However, now Twitter has rolled out this update and has even removed certain clauses from its terms and conditions. These clauses had made it difficult for these apps to compete with the official app. One of these clauses limited the number of users these third-party apps could have. 

Thus, Twitter is extending its hand to third-party apps and allowing third-party developers access to crucial features.

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