Genshin Impact Players Call for the Removal of an Enemy

Genshin Impact Players Call for the Removal of an Enemy

Many Genshin Impact players think Setekh Wenut shouldn’t be in the Spiral Abyss and are pleading with the creators to take it out or change it right away. Version 3.5 saw the addition of Setekh Wenut, a world boss who debuted in version 3.4, to the Spiral Abyss roster. He now lies beneath the Desert of Hadramaveth with increased resistance.

The main endgame activity in Genshin Impact is the Spiral Abyss, where tough opponents like Setekh Wenut can be found on every floor. Higher stages provide powerful mini and world monsters with greater resistance and HP, adding a degree of challenge to the domain even though there are no Abyss-exclusive demons. These opponents still have the same skill sets but because of their increased stats in the Spiral Abyss, players must carefully plan their party compositions to defeat them.

A Reddit user going by the handle joez4000 started a discussion post discussing their thoughts on the Seketh Wenut opponent in Genshin Impact. They argue that, especially in the second room on the twelfth floor, this enormous serpent feels out of place in the Spiral Abyss. The player highlights how annoying it is to constantly have to wait for the enemy’s immunity phases during battles, saying that this adds no difficulty and only annoys the domain. This sentiment is echoed by other Reddit users who are playing Genshin Impact, who want developers to remove or modify the Seketh Wenut enemy immediately.

Apart from its immunity phases, the Abyss version of Genshin Impact’s Seketh Wenut possesses strong elemental resistance, making it more difficult for casual players to defeat. Interestingly, the serpent has an astounding 90% resistance against Anemo, which forces travelers to carefully assemble their team using characters with different elemental abilities.

Shifting our attention to the Spiral Abyss. A new Genshin Impact chart shows which characters players most commonly obtain in version 4.4 of the final realm. Furina, Kazuha, Zhongli, and Nahida have been the most popular five-star characters in recent weeks, with most four-star characters having usage rates of less than 10%.

Leaks indicate that a new kind of banner will be added to Genshin Impact version 4.5 and will run with the Wanderlust Invocation. Klee and Eula are among the rumored Mondstadt-born characters that appear on this region-themed banner. In line with customary procedures, the next version upgrade will also introduce Chiori, a new playable character, to Teyvat along with the rerun of two current characters the following month.

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