Sony Xperia 1V - Set To Launch on May 11 With a New Imaging Sensor

Sony Xperia 1V – Set To Launch on May 11 With a New Imaging Sensor

Sony is gearing up to release a new flagship phone in their Xperia series. This announcement came on Thursday when the company announced the launch date of its next ‘one,’ which will likely be the Sony Xperia 1V. To announce the phone, Sony posted a new teaser video. While the video did not explicitly mention the device’s name, it will likely be the successor to the Sony 1 IV launched in May last year. In line with the naming scheme, the device will likely be called the Xperia 1V. 

The phone will launch on May 11, and the event will likely be held online. Customers are invited to tune into the Sony Xperia Youtube channel, which will live-stream the event. Although the launch date is still a couple of weeks away, Sony was careful not to reveal too much information about the phone. All the teaser mentioned was the new image sensor. In a separate Weibo post by Sony, the company confirmed that the device will use a next-gen sensor paired with next-gen imaging technology. 

Despite their best efforts, there was a leak, which included a real-life photo of the device, showing off the back of the phone. The alleged Sony Xperia 1V had a triple rear camera setup similar to one previously seen on older Xperia models. This means that the company has not made massive changes to the phone’s design and is instead focusing on the camera to make it more appealing for creatives. 

The leaks also showcased the Zeiss T* branding. If these renders turn out to be accurate, it means that Sony will be ditching the 3D ToF and RGB-IR color sensors it used for its older Xperia models. However, if the leaked images are to be believed, the phone will still have three camera sensors. It is unclear how powerful the primary sensor will be, but the company will likely choose a larger resolution sensor for its ultrawide camera. 

Other specifications customers can expect based on earlier leaks include a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with up to 16GB of RAM, a 6.5-inch display, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, and a 5000mAh battery.

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