How to Clear Cache on iPhone?

How to Clear Cache on iPhone?

There are so many instances where we feel the iPhone is getting slower, and it’s not always the device upgrade that can be blamed. Sometimes when surfing on Safari and some applications, the iPhone collects the cache, which, even though it is pretty helpful as it helps apps and websites load faster, simultaneously takes up 

your iPhone storage and makes the device slow and inefficient. In such cases, you need to act quickly and know the right way to clear cache on your iPhone. 

Declutter and free up your device of unnecessary cookies and learn how to clear cache on iPhone in the easiest way! We have an easy step-by-step guide to help you immediately!

How to Clear Up Cache on iPhone?

Clear iPhone cache in just a few seconds by following these steps!

  1. Go to the Settings Application: To clear cache on iPhone, you need to open your iPhone and tap on the Settings application. 
  2. Open Safari: Keep scrolling below in the Settings application until you find Safari; tap on it to open the menu. 
  3. Clear History and Website Data: After opening the Safari tab, scroll down until you come across the Clear History and Website Data option. Click on it to begin clearing the unwanted data and information from the cache. 
  4. Confirm: After clicking on the above option, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking users to Confirm if they want to clear their history and website data within Safari. After you have confirmed, your iPhone automatically clears out all the cookies from your Safari cache. If you are worried about the autofill information, you don’t need to because it will remain as it is saved on your device separately. The cache images and all the browsing history are also deleted, and your device will log out of different accounts. 

How to Clear App Cache?

How to Clear App Cache?

Clearing the app cache is a simple way to offload the apps; this way, you can get rid of unnecessary apps, but their data remains. You can do this with all the apps you don’t use frequently, and if you decide to redownload them, the data will be reinstated. 

  1. Go to the Settings app, then scroll below to tap on General. 
  2. Now scroll below and tap on iPhone Storage.
  3. You will find the Offload Unused Apps below the iPhone storage bar. Tap on Enable. 
  4. You will then see a list of all the apps on your iPhone; tap on those you don’t use frequently, such as Podcasts. When you tap on it, you will find the Offload App option; tap on that. 
  5. This will free up the storage taken by the app but keep all the data and information in place. When you decide to redownload it, you will find all the data in place. 

What Does Clearing the Cache Do?

Clearing the cache helps improve your device’s performance, declutters your iPhone, and clears out unwanted data. The cache on our devices is a storage area that collects cookies and information from different apps and websites that we surf on the internet. Over time, if the cache isn’t cleared, it collects, slowing the device’s speed. You might get annoyed after an iPhone upgrade, but that’s not the issue, and we recommend clearing up your device and freeing up the storage to speed it up. 

Here are some ways clearing the cache can help your iPhone:

  1. More Storage Space: If this wasn’t obvious, you can be sure of it now! If you’re seeing the iCloud is Almost Full in your Gallery, then we recommend taking a step towards not only deleting unnecessary images but clearing up the cache. Sometimes the cache takes up to 2GB of space, and freeing it up can make more space for other items on your phone. 
  2. Better Browsing Experience: This may be surprising for some people, but it’s true; clearing the cache makes the browsing experience even better. All the old data that may be slowing down different pages are now deleted, and you are left with a fresh tab without any previous cookies. Web pages will load promptly, and you won’t have to wait for them to load for long.
  3. Improved Performance of Apps: Another advantage of clearing cache on iPhone is how it can help speed up applications by erasing unwanted information and data from memory. This helps eradicate app crashes, freezing, and even lagging. 

Do keep in mind that clearing the cache may slow down your device for some time or increase the loading timeline of the apps; however, this is just temporary, and shortly after, the performance returns to normal. 


  1. How do I clear my app cache on my iPhone?

To clear the app cache on your iPhone, you need the follow the steps below:

  • Open the settings application on your iPhone and then search below to find the application whose cache you want to clear. 
  • Then select the application and scroll to the bottom of the screen. 
  • You’ll find the toggle titled, ‘Clear temp data on next start.’
  • Click to turn it open, and then when you open the app from the home screen again, it will clear the cache. 
  1. How do I clear the cache on iPhone 14?

To clear the cache on your iPhone 14, you need to launch the settings app. And then, search for Safari or the applications you want to clear the cache. Now in the case of Safari, you can tap on Clear History and Website Data. You can also open the respective apps and turn the toggle on to clear temp data, and the next time you open the apps, your iPhone will automatically clear the data and information from it. 

  1. How do I clear my iPhone cache without deleting apps?

To clear the cache without deleting apps, you can go to the Settings application on your iPhone. Now search for the App Store option and then tap on it. You can choose to Personalise Recommendations and then tap on Clear App Usage Data. Tap again to confirm your choice. You can then clear iPhone cache without deleting any of your applications. 

Bottom Line

Clearing your iPhone’s cache helps free up valuable storage and makes the overall performance of your device ten times better. In just a few seconds and following a few simple steps, you can promptly clear cache for your entire device or just the application that has been freezing, crashing, and lagging to have a smooth experience. But remember that clearing cache may also delete your preferences and login information. However, you can regain this by logging into your accounts and readjusting all your settings. We recommend cleaning your cache every other week to optimize device performance and enhance your iPhone’s working speed!

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