Netflix Launches Game Handles for Its Mobile Games in an Effort To Diversify Itself

Netflix Launches Game Handles for Its Mobile Games in an Effort To Diversify Itself

With an influx of streaming services, Netflix has found it challenging to separate itself from many of its competitors, including Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and more. The company started its agenda last year by introducing mobile games and allowing access to subscribers in an effort to give more value to its plans. However, people were not convinced and did not see the games as an added bonus. 

However, the company persisted and is in the process of further developing its games and adding new features that would allow them to attract new customers and retain old ones. One of the new features that Netflix announced was game handles that would enable gamers to personalize their accounts and make things more interesting. 

Gaming handles are essentially nicknames players can use when playing a game online. They allow the player to keep their true name a secret while having a unique ID. Netflix’s feature will allow players to have the same public username across all of their games, and they will also be used in leaderboards. Furthermore, you can also use the names to find friends.

To set up the handle, iOS users must open their Netflix app and download Lucky Luna or Rival Pirates to create personalized handles. On the other hand, Android users can navigate to the Games tab and click on the Create Your Netflix Game Handle. 

Netflix has made its intention of breaking into the gaming industry quite clear and has also revealed that it has many ambitious plans for its gaming platforms. However, as of now, the only news fans have regarding Netflix games is that the streaming company has partnered with Ubisoft to create three exclusive games that will be available for subscribers to play on their platform. 

Another tactic that Netflix will reportedly adopt to counteract the dwindling number of subscribers is an ad-supported tier that will be much cheaper than its regular tiers and will be available by the end of the year. Reportedly, Netflix aims to launch the new tier on November 1st, which is expected to be priced around $7 to $9.

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