Minecraft Legends PvP - Designed To Embrace Chaos and Fun

Minecraft Legends PvP – Designed To Embrace Chaos and Fun

In a joint announcement, Mojang and Blackbird Interactive shared a proper look at the PvP mode with the fan. This mode will be a part of their upcoming strategy game Minecraft Legends, which is expected to launch on the 18th of April. Ahead of the official reveal at Microsoft’s showcase event, the executive producer of Mojang, Dennis Ries, and the executive producer of Blackbird, Lee McKinnon Pederson, spoke up about how the PvP mode is to play.

Both executive producers revealed that Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game instead of an RTS. This will allow you to have your own player character running around the map doing various tasks, such as directing troops and more. Additionally, like the classic Minecraft game, Minecraft Legends will also use procedurally generated maps. This extends to the PvP mode as well. 

Pederson states that every world in the game is different, so you never quite know where the mountains and valleys are located. This makes finding the other team’s base a challenge. However, it is still familiar, but the placements are all changed, so there is still an element of surprise. Ries adds that you can also change up the strategy based on whether Redstone or diamond is near your base. 

Since each strategy requires you to collect resources differently, you will see your attack in a very different way. For example, if you choose the Redstone strategy, you can have an intense red stone launcher that rains TNT mortars down into your opponent’s base. Ries also adds that the developers are aiming for 20 to 30-minute matches, which means that some features of the campaigns may need to be changed.

Pederson continues and informs the fans that the enemy piglin hordes are also a factor in PVP play. He states that the further along you go into a  match, the more ferociously the piglins attack you and your opponents. In the PvP, they become a large part of the gameplay and are not just a nuisance around the edges. 

Minecraft Legends will be able to support 4v4 player matches that you can play with your friends, whom you can invite before opening the game up to matchmaking. Legends will also allow cross-platform multiplayer when it finally launches on Steam on the 18th of April.

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