Netflix and Microsoft

Netflix and Microsoft Join Hands to Make a Cheaper Streaming Plan

Many streaming services have a variety of streaming plans to cater to the general public. However, there are too many options and not enough subscribers to entertain all of them. This issue, coupled with the ever-increasing cost of living, means that many are backing away from spending their money on subscriptions. 

To tackle the problem, Netflix has decided to add an additional plan to the pre-existing ones. The price of this plan has not been revealed, but it is confirmed that it will include ads. Netflix was always against ads, but the recent crisis has caused them to reconsider its stance. 

To adapt to the changing financial situation of its customers worldwide, Netflix’s cheaper service will stand out among the rest of the streaming services. It will put both the investors and the customers at ease. All at the cost of ads. 

With this new plan, Netflix hopes to reverse the 200,00 subscribers they lost during January and March. Furthermore, many predict that if Netflix does not make any changes, it could lose almost two million more. 

To carry out this plan, the streaming giant has chosen Microsoft’s global advertising technology and sales to help introduce the low-priced subscription plan. Some have raised concerns regarding the ads, but Netflix representatives have confirmed that ads are not being added to Netflix. Instead, they are added to an ad tier. 

Therefore, if you pay for any other tier, you will not be getting ads in between. Through this method, Netflix will be able to attract a much wider audience. It will also be able to maintain the integrity of its business plan built around monthly subscriptions. 

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