Google Launched Custom Emoji for Android Phones

Google Launched Custom Emoji for Android Phones

Is your conversation incomplete without an emoji? Or do you feel that no emoji captures the attention of your soul? If yes, then a new feature of custom emoji on Android phones could be the one for you.

Google has named this feature as ‘Emoji Kitchen’ and allows its users to create ‘interesting recipes’ of their all-time favorite emoji. It enables you to combine different faces, objects, and expressions in confused and random ways.

When texting on an Android phone, tapping on any emoji on the Gboard will give you a collection of combo emojis, helping you to communicate with your friends in a highly unique and exciting way.

Want to put a face on a cactus? Glasses on a monkey? Or observational pain on a robot? All of this and more is possible now across messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail, Snapchat, and Telegram.

‘With the help of Emoji Kitchen, your phone’s keyboard becomes an even richer source for expression,’ said Google in a press release.

Emoji Kitchen

Emoji for Everyone

It is a hugely exciting change for us and is a sign of never-ending craving we message-addicts have for an extensive collection of emojis. The Emoji Kitchen is quite similar to the Emoji Mashup Bot, which is said to be a Twitter bot combining emoji icons since July 2019. This feature is currently seen in the beta, and you can be the first one to try it out on the Gboard beta tester page.

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