The Upcoming Horizon Game Could Include Multiple Playable Characters

The Upcoming Horizon Game Could Include Multiple Playable Characters

Recent job listings from guerilla games have all Horizon fans excited as it hints at the possibility of there being multiple playable characters in the next entry of the Horizon franchise. If this rumour proves to be true then it would be a significant departure from the previous games as they focused solely on Aloy, who was the main protagonist. Through playable companions, the company can help make the gameplay a lot more exciting, offering players to explore the Horizon universe from various perspectives. 

Despite the introduction of new characters, Aloy will remain an iconic and beloved character in the PlayStation community. This strategy has proven to work in the past with Horizon Call of Mountains, where the franchise successfully introduced various new characters to take on the protagonist’s role. It also allowed the protagonist to explore other narratives and storylines within the Horizon universe. 

These rumors have started becoming a reality as recent job listings from Guerilla Games state that the company is looking to hire a Senior Character Combat Designer. This job listing has sparked speculation that the new designer will be tasked with making new playable characters to expand the Horizon universe. The mention of ‘tactical choices for multiple playable characters’ has also created excitement at the possibility of there being various characters to play around with. Players will likely get the chance to switch between different characters and experience their unique playstyle and abilities. 

However, despite all the buzz around new playable characters and Guerilla Games hinting at developing a new Horizon game, no official announcement has been made regarding its title and features. Recently, Guerilla Games has had a lot of success, as it announced that both Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West sold 32.7 million units. The latter in particular was extremely popular with fans as it surpassed 20 million units in sale just one week before the launch of Forbidden West. 

With such massive success, fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment in hopes of a better playing experience and multiple playable characters. This game is also expected to build upon the success of its predecessors and deliver a storyline that is even more compelling and engaging. If it manages to achieve this, it will bring back old players while also attracting new ones. 

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