Pazu Netflix Video Downloader Review

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader Review

Netflix has been around for a long time, and many people are used to the idea of getting comfortable and chilling out while watching their favorite shows. But for your Netflix to work, having a stable connection is essential, or else your comfortable night may turn into a night of buffering and replaying.

But for, those who have been using it as their go-to binging application will be happy with what we have finally discovered. Netflix is a perfect application, but the restrictions it has on allowing downloads make it quite annoying for many people. So if you are someone who wants to continue watching, stay tuned till the end to find all about the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader!

What is the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader 

What is the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

Pazu has created a video downloader available for free on their website. The tool promises to help you save time and money by downloading videos from Netflix at no cost. It also supports multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. 

It also allows you to access the downloaded videos anywhere and anytime. You do not have to go through waiting for a strong internet connection. Instead, you enjoy uninterrupted shows and movies in HD at an impressive 1080p resolution. If you are worried about audio and subtitles, the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader ensures you get a complete experience without feeling like any feature is incomplete. 


The Pazu Netflix downloader has many features that allow the user to take full advantage of Netflix and all the movies and tv shows it has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Unlimited downloads

The Pazu Netflix downloader allows you to download as many movies as you want. There is no limitation on the number of shows and movies you can download at a single time. This helps you batch download tv shows beforehand if you know you will be in an area that won’t have internet or have limited internet, which would not support streaming on Netflix. Having the option for unlimited downloads also frees up space in your mind as you don’t have to worry about using up download slots for tv shows or movies you end up not liking. 

Audio and subtitles

Audio and subtitles

Pazu Netflix downloader also offers you the option to select which audio and subtitles you want to download. This is perfect for people who prefer watching their tv shows and movies with subtitles. Additionally, Netflix only offers around 5 to 7 of the most relevant languages based on your location and only 2 of the most relevant ones when you want to download a movie or tv show. However, with Pazu Netflix downloader, you are given the option to select any of the languages you want. This increased flexibility is great for people who enjoy shows and movies when they are in their own language, and Netflix isn’t offering that language up for downloads. 

1080p video quality

1080p video quality

Having good video quality is extremely important when you want to watch a show or movie. It makes the experience much better as you are able to soak in the media completely. Pazu Netflix downloader offers you the option to download movies and tv shows in either 720p or 1080p. 1080p is HD quality which means that the quality of the video will be clear and smooth. This will make the entire experience all the more better. Additionally, such good quality is rarely available for download unless you are using the Netflix app, which has a lot of restrictions.

Video Format

It is important that you download your media in a playable format on your device. The Pazu Netflix downloader offers two different video formats that you can use to download your shows. These are MP4 and MKV. When downloading your movies or TV shows, choose the video format that fits the best for you. These video formats are very useful as you can transfer the downloaded material onto a USB and transfer it to another device. The two formats offered by Pazu Netflix downloader are universal formats and thus used by most devices. These formats make it easier to transfer the movies you have downloaded. 

The Benefits of Using Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

There are many benefits that come along with using Pazu Netflix downloader, and all of them combined, streamline your experience of watching Netflix movies and TV shows offline. It allows you to watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies offline, and this feature is extremely beneficial when you have no internet or weak signals. Additionally, the quality of the video is also pretty high. You can watch your media in HD quality, and the visuals are clean and smooth, which makes your whole experience pretty enjoyable. 

Pazu Netflix downloader also has a built-in Netflix web player. thus, you do not need a Netflix player. Instead of having multiple apps doing the same thing, you can opt to have one, the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader, that can do everything in one. This makes everything a lot more efficient and organized. Furthermore, you also have easy access to Netflix. Instead of accessing it through a different app or browser, it is all compressed into a single app. 

The downloading speed that this app offers is also quite impressive, and paired with the easy-to-use interference, the whole experience of downloading your shows and movies is painless and simple. The option to download unlimited movies and TV shows is another powerful feature among others that makes the Pazu Netflix downloader one of the best Netflix app downloaders.

How does the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader Work?

The application is quite intuitive and works pretty easily, but using the steps, you can conveniently work your way around it and find out how to make it work. 

  1. Quickly get onto the Pazu Netflix Video Download website and install it on your Mac or Windows. You will find the link for both interfaces.
  2. After the program is downloaded, you can easily log in to your Netflix account on your device. 
  3. After logging in, search around for any movie or tv show that you like wish to watch. 
  4. Just paste the URL from your browser on Pazu. 
  5. After the result shows, you can click on the Download button displayed. The downloading process will begin immediately. 
  6. You will see the Gear Icon displayed right next to the Download Icon for Audio and Subtitles. By clicking on the gear icon, you choose to save the subtitles as independent, embedded, and even as hard subtitles. 
  7. The downloading process will begin, and the progress can be seen on the right panel. 
  8. You can look through the History Tab and check out all the downloaded Netflix videos as soon as it’s done. 

For those downloading TV shows, you can easily select or specify the episodes you wish to download. The audio and subtitles can also be downloaded if you need them for every episode. The Gear icon also allows you to make changes to the video format. You can choose MP4 or MKV, the video’s codec, the video’s language, the subtitle language, and even the output folder. 


Can you permanently download movies from Netflix?

Yes, you can! Using multiple Netflix video downloaders, you can select multiple episodes and movies. Download them and watch your favorite seasons and movies without being interrupted and worrying about the internet. 

Can I record Netflix to USB?

All the movies and tv-shows that you download from Netflix can easily be stored on a USB portable device. You can watch these videos on your television and even take them on a movie night with friends. 

Is it illegal to screen record Netflix?

It is not illegal to screen record Netflix. But make sure you do not misuse it. Keep in mind that streaming copyrighted content isn’t used without the holder’s permission, which is illegal.


Netflix may be interesting, but you now have an option to download all your videos and watch them offline without having to worry about a stable connection. So what’s stopping you? Get your laptops ready and download the application to have an uninterrupted time. 

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