Pixel 7a Is Expected To Have a Huge Upgrade Over Its Predecessors

The Pixel 7a Is Expected To Have a Huge Upgrade Over Its Predecessors

With the Pixel 7 series officially released, consumers have started wondering what Pixel’s mid-range series may bring to the market. Rumors suggest that the new Pixel 7a may not be as mid-range as expected. According to rumors by 9to5Google, there is evidence that the Pixel 7a may feature a body reminiscent of their flagship series. Even the internals are expected to receive a significant upgrade.

Digital Chat Station reportedly leaked earlier in the year that Google is in the process of developing a new model that will use the same chip as Google’s flagship series. Initially, the source claimed that it was a flagship phone. However, the camera arrangement of the phone is similar to the model named “Lynx.” This codename is rumored to be that of the new Pixel 7a.

The phone’s body may also be upgraded to a ceramic body, which will be a massive change from the plastic back panel that the Pixel 6a sports. Another considerable upgrade to the A series is support for wireless charging. This feature is not common in cheaper android phones, which will make the Pixel 7a stand out.

The cameras are also expected to receive massive upgrades. Rumors suggest that the Google pixel 7a will have a flagship-level camera setup. Reportedly, it will feature Samsung’s GN1 sensor, which is found on the 50 MP cameras of last year’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. 

The phone may also feature Sony’s IMX787 sensor for the telephoto lens and an IMX712 sensor to shoot ultra-wide shots. The selfie camera of this phone is expected to have an IMX712 sensor as well to improve selfies. 

The rumored specifications for the pixel 7a are inconsistent with other mid-range phones. Therefore, many wonder whether or not Google will bump up the price. If there ends up being a price bump, many fear that the phone will not remain as affordable as its predecessor, the pixel 6a.

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