Pixel 6A Launch Fraught With Issues

The Pixel 6A Launch Fraught With Issues of Modding and the Fingerprint Sensor

A recent report from Android Police reports that Google will be rolling out an update just days after the launch of Pixel 6A. Although the anticipated phone has just been released, people noticed that it prevented users from unlocking the bootloader to perform mods. 

It is reported that Google has taken note of the issue and is planning to roll out an update to help fix the problem. This update is to be paired with the first Pixel 6A update that Google just started releasing. 

The issue revolved around the bootloader, which is software that works to load the operating system. When one gains access to the bootloader on Android, they get complete control over the OS and can install modded versions of Android called ROMs.

However, the Pixel 6A users discovered that their new phones were not allowed access to the bootloader. However, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the new Pixel 6A upgrade would fix the issue despite it not being explicitly mentioned in the patch notes. 

Another issue that arose with the Pixel 6A was that the fingerprint scanner was recognizing fingerprints that the device had never scanned. This issue was made prominent by a Reddit user who was able to unlock their phone using their index finger despite registering only their thumbs.

However, this issue seems to appear in isolated cases. 9to5Google attempted to find this issue but was unable to in all of the units they checked. Therefore, it is unclear how prevalent this issue is. Google has not yet responded to these issues. 

However, much like the modding issue, Google could fix the problem in the first updates, which are expected to include a June security patch.

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