A New Higher-End Pixel Could be in the Works

A New Higher-End Pixel Could be in the Works

Through strings of code within the Android Open Source Project, it has been discovered that Google is working on a third model for the Pixel 7 series. This phone is currently being referred to as the G10. 

After the Pixel Series 6, Google has been working on its successor and teased the appearance of the new phone just last month during the Google I/O 2022. However, it seems as if Google may have a higher-end model of their new Pixel in the making. 

The existence of this new phone was discovered by 9to5Google, who reports that the new model will be a part of the Pixel 7 Series, whenever it releases. The evidence for this phone was in the publicly available code in the AOSP and shows hints of two new display drivers by Google. These could be for the new Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. They were tagged C10 and P10, which are their codenames (Cheetah and Panther).

However, alongside these two, there was also mentioned a display that was labeled G10. This phone, on closer inspection, had the same refresh rate, display resolution, and size as the Pixel 6 Pro. The panel of this phone was made by BOE, which is expected to produce the display panels for the next generation of Google flagship phones. 

With the screen size and the codenames, it is easy to rule out any other devices like Google, such as the tablet or Pixel 7a, as they already have codenames. Due to the resolution and display, there are also speculations among the public whether the new device will be an Ultra version of their current device. Only time will tell what Google has up its sleeves.

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