Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Review

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Review

The Canon Powershot g7x mark iii is a point-and-shoot camera that comes in a compact shape but packs in a punch in regards to features and quality. It is a perfect camera for vlogging. Thus, many professional vloggers use it for their youtube channels. It has the ability to capture beautiful shots that are virtually visual noise-free and offer you images that are clear and crisp.

The main demographic of this camera are people who are looking to upgrade from their phone camera to something more sturdier and more professional for their video and image-taking needs. It is definitely an upgrade from its predecessors as it is geared towards vloggers, and offers many features that any vlogger would appreciate. One such feature is being able to live stream video.

Let us take a deeper look at all of its features so you can decide whether or not this camera is a perfect fit for you and your unique needs.


When focusing on the design, the Canon PowerShot g7x mark iii seems okay for most people. It appears to be made from cheap plastic. However, when you pick it up and examine it closely, you notice that the camera is actually quite well-built and seems durable enough for an average user. 

The camera’s dimensions are decent enough for it to be portable, but it is quite hefty as it weighs around 300 grams. The weight adds to the durability of the camera. However, this weight allows you to feel confident of the fact that the camera could probably withstand some wear and tear. Additionally, the camera is quite solid and does not have any wobbly parts, which is a huge bonus. 

Overall the camera has a minimal look to it, with the body being hardened plastic and the zoom lens protruding out from the body. This lens is then closed by a large ring that has a leaf-like closer cover. This cover helps protect the camera against any elemental damage. 

In terms of grip, the canon PowerShot g7x feels nicely sized and has a decently sized grip. This grip is proportional to the size of the camera. 


The canon Powershot g7 has a one-inch type sensor that captures high-quality images. The two different kinds of performances we will focus on are focus performance and lowlight performance.

The video autofocus of this camera is quite lackluster. When there is not enough light or when the subject tracking mode is on, this camera has a tough time having consistently good autofocus performance. However, with updates, this issue has improved quite a bit. When there is sufficient light, the Canon PowerShot g7 has snappy autofocus. This autofocus is almost instant and accurate in both video and still modes. Another great addition to the camera was its touch screen focusing which allows you the ability to select your focus object yourself using the rear screen. 

When there are low light conditions, the canon g7 x has a decent performance. It is not the best for a camera at this price point, but it is definitely not something to complain about. The lens on this camera has an aperture of f/1.8 at 24mm and f/2.8 at 100mm, which are wide apertures that allow for both; low light conditions and subject separation. 

Handling Quality

When dealing with a vlogging camera, such as the canon vlogging camera formally known as canon PowerShot g7x mark iii, handling is extremely important. When you have to carry your camera everywhere and film yourself, the camera must be comfortable in your hand. The canon PowerShot g7 is a compact camera that is both; comfortable to hold and intuitive to use and shoot with. Additionally, the camera is pocketable, so you can easily carry it around with you everywhere if you want to.

The buttons on the camera are accessible and have a nice level of positive feedback, which lets you know that you have hit the buttons correctly. Additionally, the front of the lens ring also has a clicky response that many enjoy. 

The camera’s software is also quite easy to use. You can access it through the rear buttons or through the touch screen. This use of touchscreen makes the whole experience of using a camera is intuitive, which is perfect for someone new to this field of photography and videography. 

Image Quality

The image quality of the canon PowerShot g7 is fairly decent. It has the ability to shoot in RAW, JPEG, and also compressed RAW. This camera also allows you to edit RAW to JPEG, which is a key feature. This conversion of formats allows you to share your images with your smartphone. From there, you can upload your pictures to any social media platform you wish. 

Among the two image qualities, the JPEG images are more vibrant and have a high contrast level with a sharp quality to them. RAW images, on the other hand, allow a decent amount of latitude. This is perfect for those who wish to experiment with image editing

The canon PowerShot g7 has a small sensor. Therefore, you cannot expect it to pull back a lot of details from highlights and shadows in the RAW files. However, overall the image quality of the canon PowerShot g7 is quite impressive.

Connectivity and Playback

In addition to the USB and HDMI connections, as well as the jack for a mic, the G7 X III has built-in WiFi (IEEE802.11b/g/n) plus low-energy Bluetooth allows connecting the camera to your smart device. A smartphone that supports GPS data logging is required.

Besides, playback settings are typical Canon fare and are identical to the G5 X Mark II’s function. Users can access Canon’s Picture Style Editor and registration tool, as well as Image Transfer Utility 2 software, through a link in the printed basic instructions. Raw files generated by the G7 X III may also be converted with Adobe Camera Raw 11.4 or later.)

Value for money

The canon PowerShot g7 is a perfect fit for most new photographers and videographers out there who are looking for a camera to begin their journey. There are a lot of people who can benefit from the many features that this camera has. It allows you to do a variety of things within its small build. However, the built quality leaves some things to be desired. However, overall it is an overall sturdy camera. 

In the market, there are people who want to get into photography, people who want a holiday camera, or people who want to start vlogging. For such people, the canon PowerShot g7 is a perfect camera. Its video and photography capabilities make it so that it can be considered excellent value for money. 

What has changed?

What has changed?

With each new updated model comes changes that make the newer cameras more and more appealing to the users. There are many upgrades that have been made over its predecessors, which allows the canon PowerShot g7x mark iii to shine. Here are some of them.

Recording capabilities

The canon PowerShot g7x mark iii takes over from the Mark ii as it now comes with a new sensor. This sensor is the new 20.2 MP, 1-inch sensor. It has a newer DIGIC 8 processing engine that allows this powerhouse of a camera to capture images at a speed of up to 30fps. This speed is all thanks to the new Raw Burst shooting mode. 

The lens of the camera has not changed from its 24-100mm range, a flip-up LCD screen, and the four physical dials around the body, but due to the change in internals and the addition of several different modes, this camera has become much more efficient at recording. The canon PowerShot g7x mark iii provides video quality that is 4K at 30fps and has no crop and Full HD.

Live-streaming capabilities

With its predecessors being a giant in the vlogging world, the g7x mark iii has been upgraded to show even better performance in terms of video and other functions that vloggers would need. On top of the upgraded video quality, the g7x mark iii also gestures a 3.5mm mic input and live streaming capabilities. This feature is only possible if you have a Youtube account that allows for live streaming and a good wi-fi connection. The wi-fi connection also has to have the bandwidth that supports HD streaming. When you have fulfilled these base requirements, the video streaming feature can be used to its full potential. 

Extracting Stills

One of the newer features of canon g7x is that it is now possible to extract stills from the 4K footage in-camera. You can do this very easily as you just need to tap the image grab icon when you playback the video. This is an important feature, especially for vloggers who need thumbnails to go alongside their videos. 

Better Image quality

One thing that has improved significantly in the canon g7x mark iii is that it has better image quality than the mark ii. It now has images that have a low image noise level. Additionally, the pictures have nice colors, and there is a lot of detail in the images as well. However, it is important to keep the canon g7x mark iii within optimal lighting when shooting because the problem of overexposure remains unsolved. Furthermore, there is softness on the edges of the lens, and the images display this softness in the wide-angle and telephoto modes. 

Pros and Cons

What has changed?

Although some people have nothing but praises for the canon PowerShot g7 x mark iii, it is not free form flaws. Like every device out there, it has both pros and cons. The pros make it a great camera for some people. However, some people may not enjoy it as much due to the cons. Let us look at the pros and cons of the canon PowerShot g7 x mark iii.


This canon vlog camera is designed to be very pocket friendly as it has a small square design that is both sturdy and free from wobbly parts. A sturdy and small build means that you can carry it around wherever you go. Additionally, this camera also has a 1-inch sensor. This sensor contributes greatly to the image and video quality of this canon vlog camera. It allows for the photos to be less grainy and for the videos to be sharper. 

The canon g7 mark iii also has a rear touch screen that can be flipped up. This screen is great for vloggers as they can watch themselves as they film and ensure they are in frame. The touch screen also allows you to focus on a certain object when you tap on the screen. 

The Canon g7x vlogging camera also has good video quality, which is a must for vloggers, and it also boasts the ability to Livestream. 

The build of this camera can also be considered a pro as it is neat, and the design is overall compact and durable. 


When we consider the cons of this device, there are a few missing features that make it a bit lackluster. Especially when compared to its competitors. For example, the canon g7 mark iii does not have 4K video available on all modes. This can be a huge hindrance for videographers, who will have to settle for a lower video quality if they want to utilize the many mode options that this camera has. 

Another con is that the face detection on this camera does not work when using the burst shooting feature. Therefore, you cannot use the burst shooting feature if you want to take pictures of someone, as the shots will come out blurry. Additionally, the lens is not as crisp as you would find with other cameras. The missing EVF is another con. Overexposure is also a consistent issue with this camera. 


Why is the Canon G7 X Mark III so popular?

The Canon G7 X Mark III is a popular camera thanks to all its features that allow it to do more than other cameras in this range. It has an excellent touch screen, which is extremely functional and allows you to control the focus as well, a feature common with smartphones. The automatic shooting performance is also something that elevates this camera over others. Overall, the Canon G7 X Mark III is intuitive and allows for many to take their first step into the world of photography and filmography. 

Does the Can G7X allow you to shoot in 4K?

Yes, the Canon G7 X Mark III allows you to shoot videos in UHD 4K at 30fps and also at full HD at 120p. Such high video quality ensures that your videos are crip and focused so that they look good when played back and are edited and uploaded to Youtube

What is the difference between Canon g7x Mark II and Mark III?

When we see canon g7x mark ii vs. mark iii, we notice a few changes, and all of them make the Mark iii a step above mark ii. The Mark III has a similar sensor and lens. However, there have been improvements made to the processing capabilities of this camera. Hence, it performs way better. Additionally, the Mark III also has live streaming capabilities and better video quality, which simply makes it better than its predecessor.


The canon PowerShot g7x mark iii is undoubtedly a step above its predecessors. It packs in a punch within its small body and pocketable size. There are many improvements made that justify the price and its popularity. This camera is popular among vloggers, and for good reason. It offers amazing video quality, which is sharp and precise. Additionally, the still images are also a wonder to look at. Furthermore, you can also live stream on Youtube, which is a huge bonus. The small form factor, sturdy build, and flip-able touch screen make it so that the canon PowerShot g7x mark iii is the best vlogging camera out there.

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