HolidayKeeper's Review: The Tech Stack Behind HolidayKeepers Website

HolidayKeeper’s Review

Technology is changing everything, from the way we live to the way we perceive the universe. So, why should the way we choose a vacation home to be left behind? Perhaps these were the words the founder of HolidayKeepers thought to himself before he established a successful tech-enabled vacation rental venture in the U.S.

About HolidayKeepers

HolidayKeepers is a venture born out of curiosity and passion. Initiated in 2017, HolidayKeepers is the brainchild of Mr. Shatrughan Sinha- a techy by profession and a traveler by passion. Mr. Sinha visited the Poconos mountains out of his traveling enthusiasm. Little did the Princeton resident know that his one-time visit to Poconos would form the foundation to a successful vacation rental venture.

The tech stack behind the HolidayKeepers website

In a world where everything is done via the internet, you cannot imagine a company without a user-friendly website. A tech-savvy Sinha knew this fact very well. Hence, he chose the best developers and techniques to set up a one-of-a-kind platform for traveler enthusiasts. Here is an insight into some of its features and the tech stack behind Holiday Keeper’s website.

  • Website UI/ UX– UI/UX is the best way to boost customer convenience and confidence when they use your website and/or application. HolidayKeepers’ application and website feature a flexible and user-friendly interface, thereby enabling a seamless experience. 
  • ReactJava script front end– UI at HolidayKeepers is powered by React. ScriptInteractive UI, simple view designs, adjusting quickly according to data change, and development of new features according to the need are the main features of React.
  • Java Spring Boot framework- Making web applications with minimum Java spring is the specialty of the Java Spring Boot framework. It enhances the ability to create standalone applications and autoconfiguration. At HolidayKeepers, Spring Boot assists the developers to keep track of multiple components and manage the website better.
  • Security– Security should be the top priority while browsing online. HolidayKeepers’ website is embedded with best-in-class online security frameworks and protocols to ensure the safety of its consumers and its own digital assets.
  • Amazon S3– HolidayKeepers uses Amazon S3 for cloud storage. Not only is its management simple but also number one when it comes to security and reliability, when managing large amounts of data.
  • AmazonEC2 Cloud Hosting– Along with security and reliability, resizability is the biggest advantage of hosting a website on Amazon EC2 Cloud Hosting. The multiple ranges of processors, networking, OS, and storage, make AmazonEC2 the first choice of all the world fame ventures. Therefore, a sudden spike in traffic can never catch HolidayKeepers’ website off guard.
  • Nginx web server– The secret behind the speed of HolidayKeepers’ website is the Nginx web server. Nginx is the go-to server for all those business owners who want a good speed and more traffic on their website. Other than increasing traffic, the web server is also a multifunctional tool beneficial for reverse proxy, content cache, and web server.

HolidayKeepers- a gateway to Luxury vacation rentals

HolidayKeepers- a gateway to Luxury vacation rental

Unlike conventional vacation rentals, HolidayKeepers provides you with the most luxurious vacation homes in the pristine locations of Poconos. Whether you are looking for a small cabin with all top-class amenities like a patio, backyard, and fireplace, a mansion, a villa, or a farmhouse with a barn, HolidayKeepers is a one-stop destination for your vacation desires.

Something very special about HolidayKeepers

In a world where the vacation rental business includes just hosting, booking, and property management, HolidayKeepers is surely unique. The owners of Holiday Keepers are also running two invest-worthy projects named Mudita Capital and Terracottage simultaneously. With these two ventures, you too have the opportunity to invest in or buy a property. Additionally, HolidayKeepers is also widening its horizon by adding new properties throughout the U.S. One can expect restaurants and more breathtaking properties in the pristine locations of the U.S.

HolidayKeepers has left no stone unturned to make their brand unique. Whether it is the best technologies or luxurious properties worth hosting or staying, HolidayKeepers is one of the best ventures in the real estate domain.

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