OrbitGTM Review - Pros, Cons, Fees & More [2022 Updated]

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM is a popular trading broker that operates in ten developing countries globally.

OrbitGTM website is easy to navigate and understand.

OrbitGTM has

  • 86,000 active traders.
  • Over 61,000 total active monthly users
  • Over 26 million trading positions opened. 
  • Over 9 million dollars in total equity.
  • Trade over 1,000 trading instruments


OrbitGTM has a vision of making everybody in every corner of the world financial literate, and they believe starting in the developing nations around the world is the key to this. 

They trade over 1000 financial instruments.

  • In cryptocurrencies
  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices etc. 

They also offer a low trading account setup. 

You can set up your account for as low as 10 dollars. 

Choosing your account.

OrbitGTM setups are based on three main categories. 

Not officially, but before you consider setting up your OrbitGTM account, you have to consider if.

  1. Your trading level; how skilled are you? Beginner, Middle trader or Expert.
  2. Your budget 
  3. Your trading habits 

Low budget beginner traders trading infrequently

Low budget beginner traders trading infrequently
  • H3 If you want to open your account with a budget of between $10 and $99, you should go for the Baby Trader account, and Baby Trader has a minimum deposit fee of $10 there. 
  • H3 There is a commission from your first 10 real transactions. The Baby Trader account also has a fixed spread of 2 to 3 pips.
  • H3 It has a leverage of up to 1:100
  • H3 You can only trade the micro-lots size in the Baby trader account.
  • H3 In addition, you also enjoy a free demo account with a $100,000 virtual money deposit. 

Rising Trader Account. 

This is an intermediate trading account for traders above the beginners’ stage. This account has a $50 minimum deposit fee and zero commission on your first 15 transactions.  You also have a 1:300 leverage. 

The rising Trader account has a variable spread starting at 0.2 pips and a fixed spread of around 2 to 4 pips. 

You’re only allowed to trade the mini and micro-lots sizes in the Rising Trader accounts.


  • If you’re well versed in trading, this account is what you should be looking into. 
  • It has a minimum deposit of $500, zero commission on your first 20 transactions and a 1:500 leverage. 
  • You can trade all lots sizes in this account. Standard, Mini and Micro. 
  • Variable or Floating spread starts at 0.3 pips, and fixed spread can vary from 2 to 5 pips.


Aside from its amazing services, OrbitGTM is known as the influencers broker in a few developing countries in Africa and Asia. 

Stemming from the fact that they use a lot of local talent to promote your market adoption in the respective countries and empower the locale population there.

OrbitGTM is the crowd favourite from their regular campaigns and promos where members and traders win amazing prizes. 

OrbitGTM has established its root deep in these communities. 

Trading interface

OrbitGTM is compatible with the MT4 and the MT5 trading interfaces. 


  • H3 OrbitGTM’s commissions, types and deposits are pocket-friendly.
  • H3 It provides services in ten developing countries around the world. 
  • H3 OrbitGTM’s variable and fixed spread structure protects newbies from market volatility.
  • H3 Web, desktop and mobile apps trading platforms are provided for its users.
  • H3 It trades over 1000 trading instruments
  • H3 Broker name provides a 24/5 customer care service.


  • H3 Its customer service is not available during the weekends, and there have been few reports of rude comments by their staff.
  • H3 The accounts structure arrangement seems to equate being broke with skills. If you have just $10 to deposit, then you must, of course, be a beginner. 
  • H3 OrbitGTM only support MasterCard and Visa Card payments; Verve is a major African Debit card distributor, and if the platform is being very intentional about its support for empowering developing countries, then it should partner with other local payment services and financial systems.

OrbitGTM in a nutshell

  • OrbitGTM is a game-changing trading broker inspiring financial freedom for developing countries around the world  price, and charges are budget-friendly
  • A lot of influencers from various developing countries
  •  Floating spread starting at 0.2 pips.
  • Floating spread starting at 0 pips
  • Compatible with MT4 and MT5 traders’ accounts. 

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