OnePlus 12 Renders Leaked

OnePlus 12 Renders Leaked: Noticeable Design Changes

A recent leak by reliable tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as OnLeaks, has provided detailed renders of the rumored OnePlus 12 flagship smartphone. The renders offer a comprehensive look at the device from various angles, revealing notable changes.

One of the most noticeable differences on the OnePlus 12 is the redesigned camera setup housed within a circular visor on the back of the phone. The renders also showcase a centered punch-hole display on the front, suggesting a new placement for the device’s front-facing camera.

The alleged leaked renders of the OnePlus 12 also focus on the camera visor on the back of the device will feature three lenses, similar to its predecessor, the OnePlus 11. However, the arrangement of the lenses is expected to be slightly different. OnePlus is also expected to introduce a new periscope lens to enhance zoom capabilities.

The shifted LED placement in the top left corner of the visor further distinguishes the camera setup, adding to the unique design of the OnePlus 12. 

Leaked information also reveals the camera module on the OnePlus 12. It is expected to consist of a 50MP IMX9-series primary sensor, a 50MP wide-angle lens, and a new 64MP periscopic lens using the Omnivision OV64B sensor.

In terms of design, the OnePlus 12 is reported to feature a curved display with a centered punch-hole cutout. This is much different from previous OnePlus models, which typically had the punch-hole cutout in the top left corner of the display. The display is also said to have slimmer bezels and a subtle curve along the edges.

In terms of specifications, previous reports suggest that the OnePlus 12 could be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which is expected to be announced later this year. This would potentially allow the device to launch towards the end of the year, taking advantage of the latest and most powerful chipset available.

The display is rumored to be an improved 2K panel, measuring 6.7 inches diagonally and featuring a 120Hz refresh rate. This combination would provide users with a high-resolution and smooth visual experience. The device is also expected to boast a generous 5000mAh battery capacity, offering extended usage time, and supporting fast charging capabilities such as 150W wired charging and 50W wireless charging.

These rumored specifications suggest that the OnePlus 12 aims to deliver a top-of-the-line product for its customers. 

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