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OnePlus 12 Rumors: Camera Improvements and an Even Better Display

Recent rumors surrounding the upcoming OnePlus 12 flagship suggest that the company is focused on introducing significant technological upgrades. According to leaks shared by Yogesh Brar on Twitter, the OnePlus 12, expected to be released later this year, could feature an improved “new-gen display.” However, specific details about this display are still unclear.

The leaks mention that the OnePlus 12 may come with a new primary image sensor and a telephoto lens on the back, indicating potential improvements in camera capabilities. Additionally, faster charging is rumored to be included. Still, the meaning of a “symmetrical design” mentioned in the leaks remains unclear.

According to Brar, the OnePlus 12 might launch in China in December, with a global release anticipated in early Q1 2024. This timeline is consistent with previous OnePlus launches, where China typically sees the device first, followed by a global rollout. As more information becomes available, customers will get a better understanding of the OnePlus 12’s features and specifications.

The OnePlus 11 already boasts an impressive QHD+ AMOLED panel, so it remains to be seen how the OnePlus 12 will further enhance the display. It is possible that OnePlus may focus on improvements such as a faster refresh rate or higher peak brightness to enhance the viewing experience.

Regarding the camera setup, the OnePlus 12 is expected to feature a circular triple camera array similar to its predecessor, the OnePlus 11. The OnePlus 11 included a 50 MP Sony IMX890 sensor, a 48MP wide-angle lens, and a 32MP 2x optical zoom lens. Speculation suggests that the OnePlus 12 might upgrade to the Sony IMX989 sensor, which the Xiaomi 13 Pro utilizes and features eight aspherical lenses. Furthermore, rumors of a telephoto lens align with previous leaks, indicating the possibility of OnePlus incorporating a periscope telephoto lens in the OnePlus 12.

In terms of charging capabilities, the OnePlus 11 supported 100W fast charging, albeit slightly reduced to 80W in North America. It remains to be seen if the OnePlus 12 will bring any improvements in this area, and it is hoped that any advancements will be made available to consumers in the United States as well.

While anticipation builds for the OnePlus 12, OnePlus has been actively engaging in various activities throughout 2023. The company recently released an update for its OxygenOS 13.1 software, introducing convenient features to eligible devices. Additionally, OnePlus is preparing for the launch of the OnePlus V Fold, a foldable device expected to be unveiled in August.

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