How to follow the professional CS:GO scene?

How to follow the professional CS:GO scene?

Counter-Strike is one of the most famous disciplines in the history of esports. Over the 20 years of its development, it has won a huge fan base and appeared before the world in different guises: CS 1.6, Source and, finally, Global Offensive. Valve’s tactical shooter has grown to a level where competitions in it gather entire stadiums of spectators and you can watch cs go matches on Profilerr. And this is despite the fact that this movement originated from small tournaments that did not move outside the local computer clubs.

The CS GO competitive scene has its own structure, and it is not as complex as it seems at first glance. In this article, we will analyze its main parts. We will be your guide to the dynamic world of Counter-Strike and tell you where to start when exploring this industry.

What tournaments can you follow?

According to CS GO expert Volodymyr Huda, the first thing you need to understand is that CS GO has an open tournament system. Any interested tournament operator can hold a competition on it. The main thing is that the organizer has the necessary financial resources for this.

What is the biggest event in the CSGO tournament calendar?

What is the biggest event in the CSGO tournament calendar?

These are championships of the “major” category. They are held with the support of Valve, who invest the prize money in them. Now, this amount is 1 million US dollars: this is exactly what the prize pool of each Major is. Of these, 500 thousand go into the pocket of the winner.

Major is a kind of CS GO world championship. Teams from all relevant regions participate in it: from Europe to South America. Anyone can qualify for it, anyone can win it too. It takes place twice a year.

The right to organize a major must be obtained from Valve. Here the situation is different compared to regular tournaments: here you need to win the tender.

For each “major”, the developers release a series of stickers with the logos of the teams participating in it. These are virtual stickers that can be attached to your weapons in the game. A certain percentage of the sales of these items is given out to players and their organizations. So they get additional income in addition to the prize pool of 1 million.

You can watch Major matches right in the CSGO launcher. There you will find a stream of the tournament and predictions and statistics can be viewed on Profilerr. Valve used to reward viewers with souvenir packs, but now you need to purchase a Viewer Pass for this. Part of the income from this pass, by the way, also goes to the teams participating in the championship.

Major CS:GO tournaments

Major CSGO tournaments in the US and around the world take place about once a month. ESL, for example, raffles off more money in six months than Valve themselves. Their events are combined into one season (Intel Grand Slam) and reward their loyal participants. Following this path, Astralis and Team Liquid each earned $1 million. And such prizes are real thanks to the great popularity of CS GO, which has a US market of 1 billion dollars.

In addition to ESL, the following “players” can be distinguished in the CSGO esports market: RFRSH Entertainment, DreamHack and FACEIT. RFRSH are known for their BLAST Pro Series tournament series. In 2020, they will launch the BLAST Premier league, and for this they have signed contracts with 12 organizations. FACEIT has already held eight seasons of the Esports Championship Series league. DreamHack organize major tournaments with the subtitle Masters.

You can also note such as StarLadder, Epic Esports Events, PGL, and ELEAGUE. However, they have far less impact on the scene than their competitors. EEE, for example, holds only one CSGO tournament per year. SL, in turn, organizes 2-3 events in 12 months.

Where can I find the match schedule?

Where can I find the match schedule?

If you want to keep abreast of all the events of the CSGO esports scene, the Profilerr portal will become your indispensable assistant. Everything is there: the latest news, a list of all tournaments, information about teams and players, and statistics. In general, there are a huge number of sites on the CS GO theme on the network. However, as a rule, most of them only copy each other. All the same list of tournaments, all the same information, all the same news.

On Profilerr’s main page, you’ll find a handy section where you can get all the information about upcoming matches. On the page of the match itself, you will receive links to the broadcast, lineups of the participating teams, and everything you need.

Where to watch CS:GO matches?

Twitch has been and remains the main platform for streaming CSGO. And this is not surprising: it is the most popular streaming platform in the world. Some organizers enter into exclusive contracts with her. Others stream their tournaments there, if only because this site is liked by many users.

There is always something to watch on CSGO on Twitch. Just go to the appropriate section of the game on the site. Broadcasts of both esports tournaments and ordinary content creators are available there.

But don’t try to keep up with everything if you don’t need to. Decide for yourself what you want to get out of professional CSGO matches. Do you want a colorful show and the performance of the best teams in the world? Watch Valve majors and tournaments of big organizers: ESL, DreamHack, RFRSH Entertainment. Perhaps you are interested in seeing the rising stars of the Counter-Strike scene? Then the competitions of the DreamHack Open series will be to your liking. One way or another, both of them will teach you a couple of new tricks, which you can then use in matchmaking.

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