How to Change Jobs without Stress?

How to Change Jobs without Stress?

Before giving advice, we want to draw attention to the fact that changing jobs is not completely stress-free. It is interesting that when thinking about stress, people make one important mistake – they are sure that it is something negative or our reaction to unpleasant events. In fact, stress can also be positive. 

If we consider stress in the context of a job change, then it can be both negative and positive. Our task is to survive this state with minimal losses for ourselves because, in a state of euphoria from new opportunities, mistakes can also be made. Consider the following tips if you are interested in remote full time jobs.

Reasons to change jobs

Reasons to change jobs

These are the first stressors. There can be many such reasons from a small salary to the rudeness of the boss. If there is a task to go remote, then there could be problems in the team, it could take too long to get to work, etc.

So that the subsequent job does not cause stress, the first search criterion should be precisely the reason for dismissal. For example, it took 2 hours to get to work one way, we go remotely and free up this time for ourselves, our family, and hobbies. It would seem that everything is fine, and the goal has been achieved, but positive stress can ruin everything. 

Therefore, an important factor in the transition to remote work, which will help to avoid stress, is clear planning. If the job involves full-time employment, you need to get up before the start of the working day, have breakfast, and put yourself in order. If you jump out of bed in a minute and immediately start working, then stress and dissatisfaction will increase, and soon you may even regret the decision to switch to remote work.

New team

If we are talking about how young people change jobs, then it is much easier for them to join a new team than for older ones. But there are several rules. Even if you work remotely, you will have to communicate with new colleagues. Even if you are delighted that you left the old team, in which the relationship was not very good, do not rush to immediately make friends in the new team. Take a look at your colleagues. Pay attention to who says what and what they do. Of course, at remote work, team relationships most often come down to solving ordinary work issues, but no one has canceled meetings in the office or joint holidays. Therefore, you should not immediately rush headlong into a new relationship.

New responsibilities

New responsibilities

This is a very powerful stress factor that becomes an insurmountable obstacle to changing jobs for many people. Lack of self-confidence as a specialist, new tasks that you may never have had to do, are frightening. But it is this stress that becomes the main impetus for professional growth.

If something is not easy, look on the Internet for courses, lectures, and master classes in this area. If you need to solve an incomprehensible problem urgently, ask colleagues for help. Of course, no one wants to seem incompetent at the very beginning of work in the company, but this is better than not doing the job at all or doing it wrong.

Maybe some skills you own are better than your colleagues, or you have other knowledge that someone also needs. You, too, will someday help someone, and all the awkwardness of the situation will be smoothed out.

Financial question

It needs to be solved before you get employed. You must know exactly the amount of your remuneration. Find out in advance about fines and deductions, about bonuses and thirteenth salaries. The confidence that financially you have not lost from a job change will relieve tension and stress.

You can treat yourself to a pleasant purchase or a weekend trip from the first salary in a new place. So you will reward yourself for the right decision and relieve stress.

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