How to Voice Record on iPhone

How to Voice Record on iPhone?

Voice Recording on an iPhone is very valuable and serves a lot of purposes, from recording interviews to lectures, using it spontaneously for the recording of your singing, and even for journalism. It really does make our life easier!

While you may be using your iPhone for several things, such as video calling, games, placing orders, and taking lectures. There’s another feature that iPhone offers that provides you with high-quality audio outcomes is the iPhone voice recorder. The application makes your life easier, so reap the benefits of it and through this guide, learn how to voice record on iPhone in just a few steps!

How to Record on iPhone

If you’re not tech-savvy and technology confuses you to the point where you get confused rather than making the most of it, then this guide will be helpful. Did you know the voice recording feature can help you in many ways? But before we get into that, here are the steps you need to record audio on iPhone. 

  1. Open your iPhone and then go through the device. 
  2. Now usually, the voice memo application is in the Utilities folder. You can find it here or search for the name to find out the device. 
  3. Tap on the application, and then a screen will open up, and you will see a Welcome to Voice Memos popup. It says how you can create recordings everywhere, speed up and slow down the playback of audio, and even share it with friends, family, and anyone else. 
  4. After you swipe it down, you will see a round red button. All you have to do is tap on it to start recording!
  5. Voila, that’s how you record audio on your iPhone. Meanwhile, you can press Pause and even Stop for recording to end it entirely. 
  6. To name the file so you know what it really is about, you can tap on the New Recordings and then type a new name to rename the file. 

That’s about it! To know more about editing, keep scrolling!

How to Edit Voice Recordings on iPhone

How to Edit Voice Recordings on iPhone?

You read that right; iPhone allows you to edit your voice recordings too! How to do that? Here are a few steps:

  1. If you want to edit your audio, make it speedy, or make some tweaks, then you need to open the Voice Memos application on your phone. 
  2. Then from the list of records, choose the one that you want to make changes to. Tap on it, and on the left side of the audio, you’ll see these three parallel lines; click on them. 
  3. It opens a drop-up menu right below your iPhone screen. You get three choices, to speed up your audio or make it slower through the toggle. To speed, move it rightwards towards the rabbit, and to slow it down, move it towards the turtle. 
  4. If you want to skip silencing and let the background noise stay, then move the toggle to the right; else, just keep it the way it is.
  5. You can also enhance the recording to make it sound better. This is perfect if you’re recording a song, an interview, or a lecture. 

Choose among the options and then make your recordings better!

Benefits of Recording Audio and How you can Use Them?

The Voice Memo application on the iPhone serves as a powerful tool and can assist you in multiple ways. Here are some ways you can take help from the voice recording feature of the iPhone:

  1. Recording important moments: The Voice Memo application on the iPhone makes the recording process effortless. You can record meetings, lectures, interviews, and even audio proof for newspapers and digital articles. Now record real-time audio to keep a record of all the insights. 
  2. Pronunciation Practice: Are you learning French this semester, or have a show coming up where you’re playing the British villain? Practice the most using the voice recording feature on the iPhone! You can sample multiple dialogues, learn to pronounce difficult words the right way, and self-improvise any language. 
  3. Brainstorming and lectures: Voice Memos are an excellent way to brainstorm ideas and record your thoughts concerning different topics and presentations. You can put raw ideas in one place as a reminder and use them for inspiration later. 
  4. Personal recordings: Do you love singing and want to keep a record of some audio? Or are you composing a song and need to record some ways to sing some lyrics to set the tune? The Voice Memos application is the perfect way to capture your own audio and keep them safely in one place, and it makes self-expression really easy and safe. 
  5. Accessibility: Voice recording on iPhone is a very accessible feature for people with any motor disabilities or impairments and are anxious in times of pressure. The application is accessible at all times and makes communication easier and quicker. Use it for personal expression and sharing vital information. 

To summarise it all, the iPhone voice recorder is a pretty versatile tool and encourages users to express, document, and capture important audio. It doesn’t matter if it’s educational, professional, or personal audio; you can record it in one place and increase your creativity and productivity level!


  1. Where is the voice recorder on your iPhone?

The voice recorder application on your iPhone is usually in the Utilities folder. You can even swipe down on your home screen and search for the name, and the application will appear. 

  1. Can I use my iPhone as a voice recorder?

Yes, you can use your iPhone as a voice recorder and add a headset or an external microphone to make the recording outcome even better. If your iPhone and Mac have the same iCloud ID, then the audio will sync and appear on your Mac; you can use it to edit and add to the respective videos or presentations. 

  1. How do I record a conversation on my iPhone?

To record a conversation on your iPhone, open the Voice Memos application and then tap on the red button. Now keep it on the side and speak to whoever you want to; this allows you to quickly record your conversations and keep them safely on your device. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to record sound on iPhone, you can make the most of it! The application produces excellent-quality sound and does not make the outcome scrambled and poor. So avoid downloading another application that will take up space when you can just use the iPhone recording app. Use its editing feature and make the most of it!

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