How Do I Put Audiobooks on My iPhone?

How Do I Put Audiobooks on My iPhone?

Adding audiobooks on iPhones and other iOS devices, such as iPods and iPads, has become the new norm as it prevents us from collecting dust on our bookshelves and having to carry a book around wherever we go – which isn’t always convenient or even practical.

Whether you’re new to audiobooks or have been listening to them for a long time and are now considering adding them to your iPhone for easy and convenient access, we’ve got your back! And no, don’t worry; our method doesn’t entail dozens of complicated steps required for synchronization via iTunes.

So, let’s put our learning cap on and take a look at the answer to the burning question; how to add audiobooks to iPhone?

Which Format Should I Pick for Audiobooks?

Before we jump into the easiest method to add audiobooks to an iPhone, we must first understand which audiobook format would make the most sense.

In particular, there are two audiobook formats that have been the top pick among Apple users; MP3 and M4B. The former is widely supported and accepted by almost all the media players out there, whereas the latter is only supported by iOS devices and not compatible with Android devices.

The reason most iOS users choose M4B as their audiobook format is that it automatically transfers into the iBooks app, which is not the case with MP3 audiobooks. If you select MP3 audiobook format, your audiobooks will be shifted to the Music app on your iPhone.

Another benefit of M4B audiobooks is the ability to mark where you left off and resume listening to the audiobook whenever you return to it. This audiobook marking feature eliminates the need to memorize where you paused a specific book and it also allows you to divide an audiobook into several chapters.

Thus, in our humble opinion, it’s best to stick to M4B audiobooks, the native iOS format, for your iPhone.

How To Add Audiobooks to an iPhone?

Now that we know which format is the ultimate choice of most iPhone owners, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details of transferring an audiobook to an iPhone without iTunes.

We’ve always dreaded using iTunes for our transfers because it means going through more than a dozen complicated steps. Furthermore, if you’re a Mac user, you might already know that this software has been discontinued for your device.

So, what’s a better, easier way to transfer audiobooks to an iPhone?

Well, during our search for straightforward methods of transferring audiobooks to iPhones, we stumbled across WALTR PRO by Softorino. This simple and lightweight desktop application is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac and it makes transferring data from our laptop to an iOS device a breeze.

Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to follow when using WALTR PRO on your Mac or Windows PC:

Step # 1: Download, Install, and Launch the App

Of course, since WALTR PRO is a desktop application, you will first need to download and install it on your laptop. The next step would be to launch the application and connect your iPhone to the application using its USB cable.

You will only need to connect your iPhone to WALTR PRO via a USB cable the first time, after which the application will be able to detect your iPhone through Wi-Fi, given that both your devices are on the same network.

Step # 2: Drag and Drop Your Favorite Audiobooks

The second step entails using Finder or moving your favorite audiobook or audiobook folder to the desktop. You can then drag and drop the audiobook into the application. 

What’s super cool about this desktop application is that it supports batch conversions and transfers. This means that you can transfer as many audiobooks as you’d like in one go.

As soon as you drag and drop the file, the conversion and transfer process will begin, which will only take a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the size of the transfer file[s].

Step # 3: Listen to the Audiobook on Your iPhone

You can disconnect your phone by plugging its USB cable out once the transfer is complete and you’re notified of the same. 

Next, head to the Apple Books app if you selected M4B as your audiobook format or the Apple Music app if you chose the MP3 audiobook format and enjoy listening to your favorite audiobooks on your iPhone.

How To Get Audible Books?

How To Get Audible Books?

If you’re struggling to find good quality audiobooks to download, we recommend checking out the iBooks Store and looking for the audio version of your favorite books. If there’s no audio version for your pick, you can also head to the Apple iTunes Store and purchase it from there.

There are also several websites, such as Mindwebs and LibriVox, that offer a diverse collection of audiobooks for us to download. However, if you’re still unable to find an audio version of your favorite book, there’s a little workaround that you can try with the text version in iBooks:

  1. Head to General Settings and select Accessibility
  2. Click on Speak Selection and select a speaking rate
  3. Choose Scroll in Themes in the iBooks app
  4. Select the word you want Siri to start reading and scroll to any section of the book
  5. Tap on Speak once the menu appears and wait for Siri to begin reading your book

Concluding Thoughts

It’s no secret that audiobooks are skyrocketing among book lovers these days. It makes it possible for us to enhance the limited time we have to read books. However, carrying laptops and listening to audiobooks through them is not always convenient. For this reason, most of us prefer audiobooks on handy devices, such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc.

Hopefully, our guide on how to add audiobooks to an iPhone has helped you figure out an easy and convenient method of transferring your favorite files to your iOS device.

Happy reading – or shall we say listening?

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