Apple Confirms Its Move to USB-C

Apple Confirms Its Move to USB-C for Future iPhones

After the announcement by the European Parliament regarding the standardization of charging ports, all eyes have been on Apple to see what their next move will be. Since Apple uses lightning ports, everyone was waiting to see whether Apple would comply with the rules or remain steadfast and continue their lightning port.

Apple’s SVP of Marketing, Greg Joswiak, has confirmed that the iPhone will indeed be making the switch and moving to USB-C. During a chat with Joanna Stern from Wall Street Journal, Joswiak confirmed the news and commented on the situation. 

He stated that they would have to comply with the EU laws but would have preferred not to be forced into using USB-C. He clarified that Apple was fine with cooperating with the government to accomplish an agenda through technology. To support this statement, he gave an example of phone hearing aid compatibility.

However, the SVP of Marketing was unsure whether he was on board with the idea of the government deciding strictly about what tech should be like. He supported the EU’s original plan of creating a single power adapter. Still, the decision to only have devices with USB-C did not sit right with him. 

Earlier, the European Union voted to abolish devices having different charging ports and instead only use USB-C. This law allowed European users to use one cable to charge all their devices. The rationale behind this law was to reduce the waste that buying extra chargers created. 

Most Android companies were unaffected by this rule since their devices already used USB-C. Still, Apple and its lightning port got hit the hardest. If Apple wanted to continue selling in the EU, either they would have to shift to USB-C or go down the portless direction. 

However, since Apple was reportedly already working on a USB-C port, it is expected that the new iPhone 15 will feature it next year. By implementing this policy, the EU estimates that the residents could save €250 million per year. 

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