Google Pixel 7a Leaked Renders: No Design Change?

Google Pixel 7a Leaked Renders – No Design Change?

With the leak of the Google Pixel 7a renders online, customers finally have a look at the potential design of the new budget phone from Google to complete their Pixel 7 lineup. The alleged renders were leaked by OnLeaks. They tweeted a picture of the render along with more detail on the phone through SmartPrix. According to the renders, the Google Pixel 7a will look very similar to the Pixel 7.

The phone’s design has a classic Pixel camera shelf on the rear. On the front of the phone, Google decided to keep the same display as its predecessor. The Pixel 7a has a centered punch-hole front-facing camera. SmartPrix notes that the bezels on the Pixel 7a are pretty thin around the phone’s display, which is consistent with its predecessor, the Pixel 6a.

The phone’s overall size is also rumored to be the same as the Google Pixel 6a. Its dimensions are sized at 152.4 x 72.9 x 9.0mm, which is quite similar to 6a’s 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9mm. These dimensions show that the 7a will be slightly larger than the 6a, but the difference may be so slight that you might miss it. 

Other information provided to SmartPrix suggested that Google could offer the phones in two different colors, including white and gray. Additionally, the 7a will have a standard USB-C port that can be used both for charging and for headphones, as there is no visible 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Additionally, the Pixel 7a is also rumored to be a ceramic back, which will be a massive change from the plastic back that most people are used to. If the rumors prove true, the 7a phone could be a worthy competitor for the best mid-range phone on the market. The Pixel 7a is also rumored to feature wireless charging. This feature will help the phone stand out, as wireless charging in mid-range phones is generally unheard of.

The renders also hint at the phone being powered using the latest Tensor G2 chip and a flagship-level GN1 camera sensor from Samsung. If these rumors are true, then the 7a will feature the same camera found in the Pixel 6 Pro, which is a 50 MP primary sensor. The phone may also feature a Sony IMX787 telephoto sensor and an IMX712 as its ultra-wide lens.

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