Google’s New Tensor Chip

Google’s New Tensor Chip Is Supposedly in Its Early Stages of Development

Rumors are floating in the tech space about Google’s 3rd generation of Tensor chips already being in development. The Tensor SoC is Google’s own chip, which they developed after years of relying on Qualcomm chips. 

To make these Tensor chips, Google partnered with Samsung LSI and created its first generation of Tensor chips. They continued to improve the chips by creating the second generation codenamed Cloudripper. Now, rumor has it that the third generation will be codenamed Ripcurrent.

According to Galaxy Club, the new chips are tagged with the model number S5P9865 and are therefore consistent with the original Tensor chip with the model number S5P9845 and the second generation Tensor chip, whose model number people assume to be S5P9855.

The first generation of Google’s Tensor chips was based on Samsung’s Exynos chips, but there were some differences between the two. It used older A76 cores, while Samsung used newer A78 cores. Another difference was that Tensor used two high-performance Cortex X2 cores instead of one. 

The second-generation Tensor chips are a mystery as users do not know what to expect from this chip. Galaxy Club maintains that there will be minimal upgrades from the original Tensor. Much like the Pixel 7 design. However, with the third-generation Tensor chips, there will likely be a jump in performance and efficiency. 

It is expected that the third generation of Google’s chip will remain in the development phase until 2024 and will most likely be released alongside the Pixel 8 series. Until its release, not much can be said about how it will perform against other powerful chips such as Qualcomm, which have taken many phones to new heights.  

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