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The Pixel 7 Pro Runs Into Display Issues

Even though Google just released its brand new Pixel lineup, it may have an issue on its hands. According to the XDA Developers, the Pixel 7 Pro’s display is causing the battery life to drain. When the display’s brightness was turned up to maximum, the Developers noticed that the battery percentage started dropping rapidly. 

Within 15 minutes of screen time, with the brightness at maximum, the battery had dropped by 10%. According to the manufacturers, the Pixel 7 Pro’s power consumption at 600 nits is 3.5W to 4W. However, when the brightness is turned up, the drain increases significantly. It reached 6W at around 1500 Nits, which is peak brightness. 

XDA compared this battery drain with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. They found that the Pixel 7 Pro uses around 50% more power at peak brightness, which causes the battery to deplete rapidly. Pixel users were already having power issues with the Pixel 6 series, and things seemed to have worsened. 

The developers took their tests a step further. They found that the display of the Pixel 7 Pro uses roughly half of Tensor G2’s power. If a user performs any task requiring the screen to be on while at full brightness, the phone would use almost 18W of power. Therefore, users will only be able to use their phone for 3 hours, after which they will need to plug it back in. 

Another issue regarding the pixel 7 Pro was also uncovered by @krazyfrog on Twitter. They claim that the Pixel 7 Pro’s display registers touch inputs even after the screen is turned off. They theorized that after the user turns off their display, it remains active for around a second afterward. This fault may result in unintended taps, opening apps, and more. 

Although the Pixel 7 Pro ran into display issues very early on, Google may address these issues in future updates. It is also possible that such problems are arising in a few units, which may be recalled and replaced. 

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