Samsung’s 90Hz display to their Pixel 7a

Google may bring Samsung’s 90Hz display to their Pixel 7a

If the leaks for the upcoming Google Pixel 7a are to be believed, then this phone may be the ideal Pixel 6a that fans hoped for last year. The Pixel 6a is one of the best mid-range smartphones, but the one criticism it faced was a low refresh-rate display. However, that may change with its successor.

This alleged information comes from developer Kuba Wojciechowski who previously shared details about the Google Pixel 7 Ultra and the google Tensor G2 chipset before they were launched. Thus, there is some credibility to this news. In a series of tweets, he mentioned that the alleged pixel 7a would most likely feature a 90Hz screen, a new set of dual rear cameras, and wireless charging.

Wojciechowski reported that the 90Hz panel is allegedly a 1080p display developed by Samsung. A screen with a 90Hz refresh rate is not surprising, as the company received a lot of criticism for not including it with the Pixel 6a when the phone was capable of running at 90Hz.

The developer also shed light and offered clarifications on his previous prediction. He notes that the phone nicknamed Lynx he previously believed to be a Pixel 7 Ultra was actually the Pixel 7a.

In addition to a brand new and better display, the phone is also expected to have two new image sensors on its rear. The new cameras are expected to be an IMX787 wide-angle lens and an IMX712 ultra-wide lens. The primary camera will come as a significant upgrade, as the previous sensor was the IMX363 sensor. 

The leak also suggests that the Pixel 7a will allegedly support 5W wireless charging. Although 5W is slow compared to other android phones, the Pixel 7a is a mid-range phone, and wireless charging capabilities are not very common at this price point.

The Pixel 7a can also be the first device to be powered using a Google Tensor chip with Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Previously, Google devices relied on Broadcom.

For this year’s flagship Pixel 7 series, Google kept the same launch prices as the Pixel 7 series. If they continue this for the A series, the Pixel 7a will be an excellent phone for the price.

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