The Pixel 7 Pro

What To Expect From Google’s New Flagship: The Pixel 7 Pro

There are still a few months before you can know what Google has up its sleeve for its new flagship, Pixel 7. However, instead of waiting it out, people have begun uncovering more information about what to expect from this new phone. 

Some Pixel 7 prototypes online have revealed important information about the phone that has gotten customers excited. Although Google bricked the smartphone, the device log has revealed some important information.

The Pixel 7 Pro will allegedly use a Samsung S6E3HC4 display, an improvement from the Pixel 6 Pro, which used a Samsung S6E3HC3. This information is inconsistent with previous reports that claimed that the Pixel 7 Pro will have the same panel as the Pixel 6 Pro. This new panel also has a 3120 x 1440 resolution, which is on par with the best Android phones available.  

Alongside the display, information about the chipset that the Pixel 7 Pro will use was also unveiled. The new flagship is expected to use a Tensor 2 chip, with a 2 + 2+ 4 core design, the same used in its predecessor. Therefore, the chip will have two mid-cores, two performance cores, and four low-power cores. 

It is expected that the next-gen Tensor chipset will work with the Cortex A-55 for its low-power cores. The same is used for the Tensor 2 chipsets, which will be featured in the Pixel 7 Pro. The phone will also have a CS20I26 haptic driver from Cirrus Logic and an NFC chip by STMicroelectronics.

The logs that uncovered all this information mention these phones by codenames such as panther for Pixel 7, Cheetah for Pixel 7 Pro, and Felix for the alleged and unannounced Pixel 7a. However, there is no mention of any phone associated with the codename lynx. Some suspected that Google would be releasing a high-end Pixel smartphone, but that does not seem to be the case.

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