The Nothing Phone 2 Confirmed for This Summer

The Nothing Phone 2 Confirmed for This Summer

The Nothing Phone (2) comes as the next anticipated device of 2023. Its successor, the Nothing Phone (1), had a reasonably successful debut. Customers should expect nothing less from Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing, who has revealed that the next phone will be coming in the summer. This news comes from Nothing’s Twitter account, which tweeted the announcement to interest potential customers. 

The tweet announced that users interested in getting to know more about the phone can sign-up to get regular updates through the website. There is also a Nothing community page where fans can discuss their thoughts on the current and upcoming Nothing Phone. The company has also shared a tiny glimpse of the Phone (2). The sneak peek shows a similar translucent design with a blinking indicator. Its purpose is unclear, but it could serve the same purpose as it did on the Phone (1), indicating when the phone was recording. 

The teaser also revealed an interesting design element, a small switch reminiscent of the mute switch on Apple’s iPhone. However, it may serve no purpose since a similar switch-looking feature was present on the Phone (1) that did Nothing. Therefore, there is a high chance that this switch may not be functional. Given the popularity of the alert slider on the OnePlus devices, it is possible that Nothing may bring something similar to its phones. 

This soon-to-be-released device is said to be a premium offering, meaning that it is highly likely that the Nothing (2) will no longer be a mid-range phone. Instead, it will likely take on the designs and aspects of the best Android phones released this year. This does not come as a surprise, as Pei stated earlier that the Phone (1) successor would use a Snapdragon 8 series chip. 

Currently, the Nothing Phone (2) is identified using the AIN065 model number and was recently spotted at India BIS certification. This suggests that Phone (2) will likely launch sooner than before. Additionally, the company has not revealed any specs for the phone. Still, an early report for the device mentioned that it could opt for a Snapdrahon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, released last year. Although it is an older chip, it is still powerful and used on many premium Android devices. 

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