The Nothing Phone Is Gearing Up for a 2023 US Launch

The Nothing Phone Is Gearing Up for a 2023 US Launch

The Nothing Phone (1) launched in China last year, and although it was popular overseas, it could not make it to the US market. This was because of many market complexities. However, they have reportedly been overcome since Nothing CEO Carl Pei confirmed that their newest Android phone, the Nothing Phone (2), would release in the United States in 2023.

During his interview with Inverse, Pei shared that the Nothing Phone (2) was underway and would be ready for launch later this year. Unlike their first generation, this phone will be available worldwide. This announcement surprised many because around a month ago, Pei had tweeted that the Phone (2) would not be released anytime soon. This was because they wanted to focus on their first smartphone and make it the best they could before moving on to the second. 

However, this new announcement shows that the Nothing CEO has something great up his sleeve. He noted in the interview that his team was working on the phone software, and it would be spectacular. This means that software will be the company’s biggest focus for its second generation. According to Pei, there won’t be any exclusive beta membership like Nothing announced earlier this month. 

In his statement, Pei explained why the Phone (1) skipped the US in the launch. According to him, Nothing ran into logistic issues that made it almost impossible for the phone to be used in the US. If you want your smartphone to work in the US, you need to have certifications from the carriers and adapt their features into the OS. However, the company did not have the resources to do so.

This time, Nothing has the resources and will ensure their phone launches in the US. It appears they have already tested the US market with the Nothing Ear (1), which was available only in the US. By the time the Nothing Phone (2) is released, it would likely have all the carrier certifications necessary to run smoothly.

Pei shared that they were on a more solid footing and had the means to make the Nothing Phone (2) better than its predecessors. The phone’s specs remain a mystery as all Pei revealed was that it would be more premium than the Phone (1).

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